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For any site, be it a large online store or a personal blog, you need a domain and hosting. Domain is the address of the site, and hosting is its “home”. This is the space where all the files needed for the resource to function are stored. You can try to create a website without hosting: in this case, you will need an always connected to the network and continuously working computer. But it is much easier to order this service from a hosting provider and not worry about possible interruptions in work.

There are many different types of hosting – paid and free, differing in type, functionality and purpose. We have prepared a review of the best hosting services of 2021 – explore and choose the one that suits you.

AdminVPS – fast hosting with DC in Moscow 

AdminVPS is a reliable Russian hosting provider with servers in Moscow, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and the USA. Provides quality hosting services on dedicated virtual servers. Modern equipment, high uptime, competent and efficient technical support. Thanks to the use of KVM virtualization, you will honestly receive a dedicated server hardware resource. SSD drives, full root access, Tier III data center reliability, downtime compensation – it’s all serious.

There is a money back for unused days. Backups are daily, SSL certificates are free. DDoS protection, free help for moving a site, an advanced and convenient control panel ISPmanager 5, high speed of sites – the important thing is implemented at a good level. The country where the server is located can be selected in the tariff scale. Debian OS is used by default (Cent OS / Ubuntu are also available). The provider is hassle-free, we know, because we checked it ourselves and have been using it for a long time (we host our other Russian and en-language sites on WP).


  • Modern hardware in the advanced Datapro Tier III Data Center
  • Fast server activation
  • Guaranteed iron resources
  • Only SSD drives are used
  • High reliability, 99.98% uptime – one and a half hours of downtime per year
  • 24/7, very competent and high-spirited technical support
  • DDoS protection at the hardware level
  • Free SSL
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Turnkey website transfer
  • Several Linux builds to choose from
  • Convenient control panel
  • Moneyback guarantee and downtime compensation in 5 times the amount


  • Occasionally there are lags in the control panel
  • In case of complaints about the site, the administrator can block it


  1. The cost of shared hosting depends on the location of the servers. Hosting web projects in data centers in Russia, Belarus and Germany costs from 69 rubles per month ; in the Netherlands – from 99 rubles per month . At the minimum rate, only 2 GB of disk space is available, on which you can host 1 site.
  2. Optimized rates for CMS start at 69 rubles per month . The exception is service packages for 1C-Bitrix. Their price is from 99 rubles per month .
  3. The cost of a VPS starts at 399 rubles per month . On Russian servers, you can order processors with increased power – in this case, prices start at 1199 rubles per month . Foreign servers have their own prices.
  4. The cost of renting a dedicated server also depends on the country. For physical equipment in a Russian data center, you will have to pay from 4950 rubles . The cheapest servers in the Netherlands – from 3299 rubles per month .

Jino – shared hosting on Windows or Linux

Jino is one of the old, well-known Runet hosters. Offers regular virtual and VPS hosting on hybrid drives (SSD + HDD). There is a daily billing. Tariffs are changed online, without drawdowns. The control panel of our own design, convenient and nice. Unlimited traffic, both public and dedicated IP addresses can be used. Several versions of Linux (Debian, FreeBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu) or Windows Server to choose from.

The limits of the resources received can be set by OpenVZ (software) or KVM virtualization (hardware level) – at your choice, this is reflected in the tariffs. SSH access, web console, two-factor authentication is there. Domains are inexpensive, registration in 1 click. There is a built-in landing page builder, not bad (89 ₽ / month), as well as a bunch of incentive programs with gifts. Good quality iOS / Android mobile apps are available.


  • A wide range of tariffs divided by the type of server virtualization
  • Many partners and related discounts, promotions and other things
  • One account for all Gino’s services, two-factor authentication
  • Stable operation – high uptime of servers, glitch-free control panel
  • You can immediately install the desired CMS with the appropriate server settings
  • Possibility of daily renewal of services
  • Very convenient built-in file manager
  • Many payment methods
  • Competent and friendly technical support


  • Low iron resources on basic tariff plans (Alpha / Ios)
  • Unused money cannot be returned after the termination of the contract
  • Hybrid drives (SSD + HDD) instead of pure solid-state drives
  • Sometimes technical support is delayed with a response up to 3 hours

Tariff cost:

  1. The minimum set of virtual shared hosting services costs 1.10 rubles per day (117 rubles / month) . This will include: 100 GB of disk space, support for 100 domains and 100 FTP accounts, 25 GB databases. By adding the necessary disk space, domains, FTP accounts, technologies, databases and other services, you form the amount of the monthly fee, which is debited daily.
  2. A special tariff for WordPress and Joomla “Gino.Spectr” will cost 99 rubles / month , and a separate tariff for 1C-Bitrix – 290 rubles / month . Only for these tariffs, a test period of 10 days is available.
  3. The minimum payment for replenishing an account is 249 rubles for individuals and 2490 rubles for legal entities.
  4. “Gino” has a premium plan, when you purchase it you get the opportunity to use more resources. The project is being moved to a server with a small number of clients. Service cost: 199 rubles for connection, 33 rubles per day . The service cannot be turned off for the first month. Its cost is added to the price you pay for other services.
  5. VPS with OpenVPS virtualization costs from 99 rubles per month , with KVM virtualization – from 199 rubles per month .

Beget – free hosting with PHP and MySQL

Beget is a well-known hoster with experience, reliable and powerful. All servers are equipped with SSD drives. Virtual, VIP-hosting for high-load projects and VPS on the rails of KVM virtualization. It is possible to rent dedicated physical servers (Intel, Supermicro hardware). Many Linux versions are supported (on VPS you can choose OS, there is root access). The proprietary control panel is fast, convenient and pleasant to look at. Technical support round the clock, high quality.

Hosting will appeal to lovers of comfort in the work process and service. The test period is as much as 30 days. Any popular free CMS can be installed automatically. You can also buy paid licenses here, receiving various bonuses. Domain registration at reasonable prices. They help in transferring sites for free. Automatic backup, unlimited traffic at all tariffs.


  • Wide range of services and tariffs
  • Excellent convenience / functionality control panel
  • Proven hardware, powerful network
  • SSD drives on all tariff plans
  • Free SSL connection
  • High uptime, sites work stably and quickly
  • Automatic installation of CMS and related applications of your choice
  • 24/7 and quite sincere tech support
  • Long test period


  • The standard load limit (65 CP) is easily exceeded. Compensated by the purchase of additional capacity
  • Periodically, the support response is delayed
  • You need to monitor the balance – in case of delays, the site may be deleted
  • Occasionally at night, an error 502 occurs on sites


  1. Shared hosting on Beget costs from 165 rubles per month . You get 4 GB that can accommodate up to 2 projects. At the senior tariff for 460 rubles per month, the storage capacity is 35 GB, and the number of sites is limited to 25. There are also VIP tariffs with increased capacity, which cost from 895 rubles per month .
  2. Beget also offers additional services: dedicated IP for 1200 rubles per year , unlimited number of sites for 3600 rubles per year, and others. When paying for virtual hosting for a year, a discount of up to 25% is calculated.
  3. VPS on Beget costs from 330 rubles per month . In the maximum configuration, 200 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM and 8 processor cores are available for 4,770 rubles per month .
  4. Dedicated server rental – from 7900 rubles per month . In the maximum configuration for 32,000 rubles, 18 CPU cores, 960 GB SSD, 128 GB RAM are available.
  5. Beget has completely free hosting for PHP sites without ads, but its technical limitations will not suit everyone – 1 GB of disk space, only 1 site, 1 database, and a strict CPU limit (no more than 10 CP).

REG.RU – good hosting at an affordable price

REG.RU is the largest registrar of domain names in Russia (one of the co-owners of the company is now the chairman of the Committee of registrars of the .рф and .ru zones) and a hosting provider. As a hoster, the company offers a huge list of services and leads in many respects: uptime, performance, number of hosted sites, etc.

REG.RU has an original website builder (REG.Site based on WordPress), the Jelastic cloud platform (with hourly payment of consumed resources, very convenient for balancing during peak loads), its own data centers in Moscow (all comply with Tier III standards, on protected area, with backup power, etc.). To understand the scale of REG.RU’s business: the revenue of the group of companies in 2019 exceeded 2 billion rubles, the provider serves more than 2.2 million customers (but this includes domain owners), and has more than 400 employees.


  • In terms of uptime (according to Statonline statistics), REG.RU is consistently in the top 3 best hosting.
  • In one personal account, you can get all the key services: VPS, administration, domain registration, its renewal, automatic SEO-promotion, etc.
  • You get high-performance hardware and a wide range of control panels.
  • Lots of additional technical services (monitoring availability with SMS notifications, filtering spam, viewing domain history, mail for domains, free and professional SSL certificates, etc.).
  • Free trial period for 14 days – you can try any of the available tariffs.
  • A huge number of ready-made configurations for all occasions: VPS with pre-installed Docker for development, BitrixVM, dedicated servers with GPU, special rates for 1C-Bitrix or ASP.NET, etc.
  • Technical support works around the clock, responds promptly in the chat, there is a ticket system and a detailed knowledge base. If you wish, you can call the multichannel phone.
  • Shared hosting plans include an automatic backup system, virus and DDoS protection. Installing CMS in one click. There is SSH access.
  • Virtual servers can be rented with the required technology – XEN or KVM (depending on preferences and tasks). There is an API for server management. Snapshots are available on KVM virtualization.
  • The entrance to the control panel is two-factor (provides maximum protection against burglary).
  • Website transfer is free. A month of free hosting is provided as an additional bonus.


  • Administration services are expensive (for example, for dedicated servers – 3000 rubles per hour).
  • Despite the level of business and high-quality technical stuffing, REG.RU disclaims all financial responsibility due to failures and downtime (there is no compensation for SLA).
  • For the transfer service, you need to independently prepare an archive with files and a database dump, the transfer time is from 24 hours or more.
  • For shared hosting, strict limits are set, if the specified threshold is exceeded, you will be sent a notification; if the maximum threshold is exceeded, services are automatically blocked.
  • Due to the huge number of customers, chat service is mainly handled by a bot, in case of technical problems on the side of the service, it makes no sense to contact live specialists (too large a queue of applications).
  • The choice of services and services is so large that beginners may need help to decide.
  • In cloud VPS, you need to contact technical support to upload your ISO images.
  • The trial period is available only for shared hosting tariffs, for VPS you will have to top up your account by at least 100 rubles.

Hosting cost:

  1. Special rate for sites without PHP and databases – from 98 rubles / month .
  2. Tariffs for CMS start at 102 rubles / month , but this is for 1 site. High-speed shared tariffs for several sites – from 147 rubles / month . High-performance VIP line – from 685 rubles / month (also suitable for 1C-Bitrix).
  3. Cloud VPS are charged by hour of use, basic configurations for the operation of sites will cost from 298 rubles / month . There are ready-made assemblies with preinstalled applications – from 480 rubles / month . Control panel rental and backups must be paid separately here.
  4. Classic Linux VPS (based on XEN virtualization technology) – from 215 rubles / month .
  5. Windows VPS – from 1200 rubles / month .
  6. Dedicated servers – from 4250 rubles / month .
  7. The Jelastic infrastructure has a complex calculation of consumed resources – from 0.178 rubles / hour for one cloudlet and from 0.051 rubles / hour for each additional gigabyte on disk (10 GB included).

In addition to the above services, you can order a corporate cloud (virtual data center on VMware) from REG.RU, special servers for business, as well as renting cells in a rack or the entire rack (colocation).

HostPapa – hosting for websites in the USA and Canada

HostPapa is a large Canadian hosting company that works primarily with small businesses. The list of services includes shared and reseller hosting, VPS, online website builder. Data centers are scattered in different regions, as the company focuses on cooperation with clients from different countries: Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, etc. And everywhere, HostPapa uses exclusively green energy (from environmentally friendly renewable sources) for power.

In the market of Western hosters, the company stands out favorably with its high-quality technical support – the response in the chats is almost instantaneous, the response to tickets – within 1-2 minutes. At any time you can call and ask your question by phone. The rest is a reliable and secure hosting with a lot of additional services (backups, Jetpack for WordPress, virus protection, etc.).


  • At many tariffs, disk space and network traffic are not explicitly limited.
  • We use efficient and reliable equipment, data centers with redundant power supply and access channels.
  • One-click CMS installation and free website transfer, provided by SSL from Let’s Encrypt.
  • Prompt multilingual technical support, several communication channels (phone, chat, tickets).
  • Spam, virus protection, free CDN.
  • Special rates for WordPress with optimized environment.


  • There are no data centers on the territory of the Russian Federation (you must definitely connect a CDN).
  • The official support languages ​​are English, French, Spanish and German. There is no Russian among them.
  • There is no trial period, although you will have a full 30 days to test. If you don’t like something, you will be refunded 100% of the expenses.
  • The minimum purchase of shared hosting is 1 year.
  • You won’t be able to buy domains in RU and RF zones through HostPapa (you need to redirect to hosting yourself).


  1. Shared hosting plans start at $ 3.95 / month . At the minimum rate, you can place up to 2 sites, disk space – 100 GB SSD. In higher tariffs, you can place any number of sat, disk space without hard restrictions.
  2. Special high-performance plans for WordPress – from 5.95 USD / month .
  3. VPS servers – from 19.99 USD / month (in the minimum configuration 4 cores, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD).
  4. Professional technical support with monitoring for PapaCare + shared hosting clients will cost 49.95 USD / month .
  5. Automatic backup system – 19.95 USD / year .

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