Mistakes that can be made when buying drugs on the marketplace

Caring for the health of the whole family usually falls on the shoulders of the mother. This also applies to the purchase of medicines. But in everyday chores, there is not always time and opportunity to look for the necessary funds in pharmacies, especially if a sick child is at home.

Now there are many services that deliver medicines to your home, you can buy medicines even on a regular marketplace. Of course, this is very convenient, but not all of them work in good faith. In 2021 alone, Roszdravnadzor blocked 16,000 sites illegally selling medicines on the Internet.

How to choose a reliable seller?

When buying medicines online, you need to be aware of the main dangers and mistakes that you may encounter.


Most often, negative reviews that can be found on marketplaces in the “Health” section relate to the originality of medicines or care products. If the buyer purchases an already familiar drug, he can immediately distinguish a fake in several ways:

  • a different packaging design (perhaps the manufacturer really changed the appearance of the product, in which case it is better to ask him a question on the official website);
  • different texture, color or smell;
  • after application, a negative reaction appears, which was not there before.

And if the product is unfamiliar, then it will not be easy to immediately distinguish a fake from the original. Using such a tool, at best, simply will not bring any benefit, and at worst, it can seriously harm. Such fakes are especially dangerous for children. The reaction to them can be very different – from allergies to poisoning.

Moreover, very often such reviews can be found in the section of goods for mothers and babies. Diapers, baby cream and even baby food – a fake can be found on both expensive and budget goods.

To preserve the health and budget of your family, it is better to purchase medical and children’s products from trusted online services. Such companies either work directly with pharmaceutical distributors or are even part of their business. They receive products directly from manufacturers, which guarantees their originality and affordable price. This information is usually indicated on the official website of the online service.

Another sign of a fake drug is a low price. It may also be due to another reason.

Expiry date

If the expiration date is coming to an end, the seller on the marketplace can lower the price in order to sell the product faster. And when receiving the drug, few people pay attention to the expiration date. The result is a lot of disappointing reviews.

“I was very happy when I saw a good discount on allergy cream. The daughter periodically develops dermatitis and allergies, so such a remedy should always be at hand. I ordered three packs. Only after the courier left, I saw that all creams expire in a month. Naturally, we will not have time to use the cream so quickly. Money down the drain.”

Sometimes discounts on goods with an expiring date can be found in ordinary pharmacies. As a rule, pharmacists warn the buyer about this in advance. But it is better to pay attention not only to the expiration date, but also to the integrity of the packaging before buying.

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Packaging violation

Usually, after ordering on the marketplace, the drug arrives at the buyer within a few days. If its transportation was treated negligently, the packaging may be seriously damaged. And you can notice this only after paying for the purchase. Here are the most common consumer complaints:

  • the cream or syrup has leaked, the product can no longer be used;
  • tablets crumbled;
  • The diaper packaging was torn and the contents were dirty.

Unfortunately, the problem of broken packaging is not limited to medicines. Pacifiers, bottles, toys, baby cosmetics – even baby products come in inappropriate condition and are unusable. And most of them are no longer refundable after purchase.

In addition, sometimes even the integrity of the packaging cannot guarantee that the product was properly stored and transported.

Violation of storage and transportation conditions

Some drugs require special storage conditions. For example, thermolabile products that need to be stored in the refrigerator quickly lose their properties at room temperature or freezing.

“I ordered a probiotic for a child, since nothing suitable was found in the nearest pharmacies. The courier brought it in a regular package, although the instructions say that the storage temperature is not higher than 10 degrees. I’m glad I read the instructions ahead of time. It’s +30 outside, of course I refused!”

For their delivery, special containers are needed that will maintain the desired temperature throughout the entire journey to the buyer. You can track this only at the time of receipt – ask the courier if he has a thermal bag and what temperature is set in it. But it is almost impossible to find out the storage conditions in the warehouse.

Buying drugs for the future

At home, it is also not always possible to provide ideal conditions for all medicines. If the pharmacist did not warn in advance about the nuances of storage, often they simply lie in the same first-aid kit at room temperature. In this case, the tool can quickly lose its useful properties due to:

  • high temperature;
  • unsuitable air humidity;
  • exposure to direct sunlight;
  • the proximity of heating devices;
  • proximity to other drugs.

In pharmacies, each product is stored in optimal conditions for it. Therefore, it is better not to buy the entire first-aid kit for future use, but to keep only the most necessary medicines on hand.

Overpayment or useless purchase

Another disadvantage when buying drugs on some marketplaces is the lack of professional advice. If you come to a regular pharmacy in search of a cold medicine or painkiller, the pharmacist will ask clarifying questions and select the most suitable drug. He will also suggest inexpensive analogues of the remedy if the budget is limited and will advise auxiliary products.

When buying medicines online, it is not always possible to get qualified advice. It is difficult to find analogues on the usual marketplaces, and the purchased product may turn out to be ineffective in different cases. Of course, it is best to purchase medicines after consulting a doctor.

“The pediatrician prescribed a spray for a runny nose for my son. I found it on the site by name and ordered. It turns out that they are there in different dosages and I bought the wrong one. I had to go to a regular pharmacy and buy again. So be careful.”

By law, medicines and cosmetics are non-refundable, but sometimes you can still get your money back.

What to do when buying a low-quality product

If you suspect that you have bought a fake or the product has deteriorated due to improper transportation, you can write a claim addressed to the seller and ask for a refund.

In addition, counterfeit goods must be reported to Rospotrebnadzor by sending a statement there. If the fact of forgery is confirmed, the seller will face at least a fine and administrative liability for using someone else’s trademark.

Still, the best way to save time and money is to buy medicines from reliable sellers.

Be careful if the site offers delivery of prescription drugs – this may be a sign that the drug is counterfeit. By law, you can get such a remedy only at a pharmacy upon presentation of a prescription!

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Where to order medicines online

Zdravcity is a proven and safe online service for the delivery of health and beauty products. This is a project of one of the largest official pharmaceutical distributors in USA, which works directly with drug manufacturers and guarantees the quality and originality of all products.

The benefits of Zdravcity will help save time on going to the pharmacy and the family budget:

  1. Convenient delivery – goods can be picked up free of charge at a pharmacy near your home (21,000 partner pharmacies operate throughout Russia) or you can call a courier to your home. During delivery, the storage conditions of drugs are strictly observed. In most regions, the order is delivered the next day.
  2. All medicines in one place – more than 46,000 items for health and beauty.
  3. Convenience for mothers – Zdravcity has not only medicines, but also goods for babies, pregnant and lactating women, optics, orthopedics and even pet food.
  4. Rare medicines – direct supplies from the manufacturer guarantee the availability of rare medicines at an affordable price.
  5. Consultation of specialists – on the site you can get advice from a pharmacist and choose the right remedy.
  6. Convenient search – you can find the drug by name or active substance. “Smart” search will tell you the correct name, even if you made a mistake or forgot it. He will also help you choose analogues if the drug is not yet available.

Bonus program – cashback from each purchase, which can be used to pay up to 70% of the next orders, plus regular promotions and discounts