It is for this reason that many women are forced to cut their hair short, saying goodbye to the dream of a long and thick braid to the waist. Brittle hair looks thinned and weakened, and unkempt split ends will ruin any hairstyle. Cut the length or fight for every centimeter? Of course, to fight – with the advice of experts and the help of cosmetics against hair breakage.


And here is the first advice of trichologists: separate fragility and loss, they are not the same thing. The manifestation of thinning (local in men or diffuse in women) is accompanied by one or more of the following conditions:

  • dry or oily dandruff;
  • feeling of discomfort and tightness after shampooing;
  • peeling and itching of the scalp;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • daily loss of more than a hundred hairs with white bulbs at the tips.

Brittleness or loss? The exact answer will be given by the online diagnostics Vichy Dercos , developed in conjunction with a trichologist to assess the condition of the three most important parameters: scalp, root and hair shaft. If hair density suffers from weakened roots, read Vichy Mag ‘s article on methods to prevent hair loss.

What if the problem is still brittle hair, not alopecia? Let’s listen to the second advice of trichologists: we will determine the causes of dryness and damage to hair (and brittle hair is almost always dry and damaged) and we will try to minimize these reasons.

Why does hair break?

  • Incorrectly selected care. 
  • Frequent heat styling and hair coloring resulted in damage to one or all layers of the hair shaft (lipid, cuticular, cortex).
  • The hair was negatively affected by weather factors (ultraviolet light, sea water, frost and even wind can worsen the condition of the hair ).
  • Reduced nutrition of follicles due to deterioration of microcirculation in the skin layers. 
  • Sometimes hair breaks down due to a lack of vitamins (biotin, B2, B6) and fats in the daily diet .
  • Little water is supplied with food.
  • Hair is porous (acquired or hereditary) and does not retain moisture well.

Also, the structure and appearance of hair can change for the worse due to certain chronic diseases. In such cases, brittle hair is only a symptom, and without treatment of the underlying problem, the situation will not change. We advise you to contact a therapist at the same time (he will prescribe tests and tell you how to treat the internal root cause) and a trichologist (he will advise effective remedies for brittle hair).


Hair breaks at the ends, but so far there is no reason to panic and cut “like a boy”? Or, on the contrary, you have very brittle hair along its entire length, and it seems that at home you can no longer cope with the problem? In any case, take these tips into service.

  • Choose a conditioner and mask for your hair type. Dry hair needs nutritional formulations with oils and vitamins, damaged by heat styling and bleaching – products with keratin, and deep restoration will give care with ceramides and proteins.
  • Avoid blow-drying, curling or ironing, and tight hairstyles. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to refuse thermal devices, use a creamy texture thermal protection .
  • Change from discoloration and ammonia to gentle ammonia-free tinting. The practice of stylists shows that it is worth removing a strong chemical effect, brittleness , as well as the section of the hair ends , is noticeably reduced.
  • Before leaving the house, do not forget about a special protective spray. It will create the thinnest invisible barrier against aggressive environmental factors. This function can be performed by leave-in care or a quality hairspray .
  • Changing the comb can help prevent brittle hair and get rid of the electrification. Brushes with natural soft bristles, plastic, silicone and carbon combs handle the hair delicately.
  • Regularly (2-3 times a week) self-massage your head before washing. This measure will not stop the fragility of already regrown hair , since the shaft does not depend on the microcirculation of the skin, but it will stimulate the growth of stronger hair in the future.
  • Add foods high in certain nutrients to your daily menu. Most likely, the hair lacks B vitamins, especially biotin (it is abundant in cereals, liver, egg yolk), and fatty acids (the latter are found in nuts, fish, avocados and vegetable oils). 
  • Stick to a drinking regimen at the rate of 30-40 ml for each kilogram of weight. 


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There is an opinion that for brittle hair it is possible and necessary to make homemade masks with oils or gelatin, which is not approved by trichologists. The benefits of mixtures according to folk recipes are also questioned by scientists, and for this reason we recommend using only ready-made hair breakage products with proven effectiveness. Vichy expert Ekaterina Turubara advises to trust the formulas developed in the laboratory. They contain scientifically proven active ingredients against dryness and damage – and therefore quickly restore brittle hair.

Vichy medical expert Ekaterina Turubara: “How to deal with hair breakage caused by external damage and dryness? The correct strategy will be correct and regular care, including washing with warm (not hot!) Water with a mild shampoo that does not wash off the lipid mantle of the hair. After each wash, apply a balm, and use nourishing masks instead of balm 2-3 times a week. If you cannot do without a hair dryer and heating tools, cover the lower part of the length with indelible products with oils and silicones in the composition. The latter also applies to healthy long hair if you want to prevent splitting. “

There are only five mandatory steps in caring for brittle hair, and in total they will take you no more than fifteen minutes a day.


When looking for your perfect cleanser, focus on your scalp type first. But also pay attention to its washing base: emollient components (derivatives of coconut oil, glycerin) will not allow the shampoo to dry out brittle hair.

Vichy Mag’s choice: for hair damaged by heat styling and coloring – Kera-Solutions shampoo , for deep restoration – Nutri Protein , for deep hydration – Vitamin shampoo .


At this stage, the hair is saturated with nutrients and restores its normal pH. And the main task of balms and conditioners that help get rid of hair breakage is to close the cuticle, since the tight fit of the cuticle scales increases the ability of the hair shaft to retain moisture and protects the cortex from damage. In addition, after conditioners, the hair is well combed and looks well-groomed.

Choosing Vichy Mag: air conditioner for the hair shine Vitamin , firming and toning conditioning Aminexil .


The main step in strengthening brittle hair is applying a mask. For fine, brittle hair, choose a product with a light texture, while restoring coarse or severely damaged hair requires a richer and more nourishing mask.

Vichy medical expert Ekaterina Turubara: “Before the mask, dry your hair with a towel. The rinse-off treatments, as a rule, have a creamy consistency, and water dilutes it, reducing the concentration of active substances and, as a result, their effectiveness. “

Vichy Mag’s choice: for hair damaged by heat styling and coloring – Kera-Solutions express mask , for deep restoration – Nutri Protein mask .


Serums, creams and treatments in spray format can both strengthen brittle hair and protect it from new chemical and mechanical damage. These products make it easier to comb, moisturize, smooth, discipline and seal the cuticle. Apply leave-in care products lengthwise only, avoiding the root zone.


Combs with metal and wooden teeth are contraindicated for brittle hair due to their unpleasant property of increasing fragility and section. A regular plastic comb is much safer, it does not injure the hair shaft and evenly distributes sebum – the hair’s natural protection – from the roots down.

Begin the brushing ritual at the ends, gradually working your way up. Do not tug or pull on your hair, or if a knot forms, untangle it with any smoothing treatment. It is important to remember that brushing wet hair will aggravate breakage, so wait until it dries to a slightly damp state first.