Top 10 iPhone Video Editing Apps

Until recently, complex video editing was trusted exclusively to computers that support graphic editors overloaded with buttons and functions. The situation has changed with the advent of new mobile technologies (cameras that support 4K-resolution, night shooting) and the introduction of high-quality editing software for “on the go”: on trips and travels. Yes, there is still no talk of full-fledged work, but the same iPhone and iPad are able to fill pages on social networks in a matter of minutes. Next, let’s take a look at the top ten video editing apps for Apple devices.

Top 10 Best Free Video Editors

In the digital App Store, content is usually distributed according to the Freemium model: the basic version is available for free and without registration, but you already have to pay for additional content (templates, musical sketches, filters and other tools). The cost often varies and depends on the region and the selected “upgrade” kit. “Tradition breakers” are encountered, but rarely, and therefore it is best to set landmarks in advance. Next, let’s take a look at the top 10 best video editing apps for iPhone.

1 – InShot 

App Store rating for this application is 4.9 .

Free version for devices on the IOS bath is offered with a watermark and limited functionality

Premium version cost:

  • For a month 329 rubles.
  • For a year 999 р.
  • Forever 2650 р.


  • video cropping and gluing;
  • creating a slideshow from photos;
  • adjusting the playback speed;
  • recording music, voice-overs, sound effects;
  • volume control;
  • adding text, smiles, stickers;
  • video filters;
  • rotation of the frame.

2 – Quik Editor by GoPro

It is one of the most popular video editing apps. App Store rating 4.9 .

Application functions:

  • slideshow of photos and music (you can add up to 200 files);
  • customization of text and format;
  • music;
  • pruning;
  • reflection and rotation of frames;
  • adjusting the playback speed;
  • sound volume setting
  • applying filters
  • 26 ready-made themes
  • sync video with music
  • the program automatically analyzes the uploaded footage and selects the best moments
  • geotags
  • customizing fonts and styles
  • 100 free songs in the library
  • save video files in HD 1080 format
  • creating spectacular soundtracks

3 – Movavi Clips

Rating – 4.8.

Application features in free version with movavi watermark:

  • music recording
  • Sizing, scaling
  • Pruning
  • logo upload
  • Voice acting
  • Turn
  • Apply motion effect to photos attach slideshow
  • stickers, text
  • Reverse (reverse play)
  • Deceleration and acceleration
  • Applying Filters
  • Customizing transitions

Premium version – free for 3 days, then 269 rubles / month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Features in the premium version:

  • scoring;
  • loading a logo;
  • removing a watermark;
  • The library contains over 1000 sound files;
  • packs of stickers.

4 – VN

Rating 4.8

The price is free. 

VN is an easy-to-manage iPhone video processing application without watermarks.


  • combining several video fragments;
  • voiceover recording;
  • changing the playback speed (6 ready-made speed curves);
  • 9 transition modes between frames;
  • 50 built-in filters;
  • titles, stickers;
  • 19 animations;
  • Picture-in-picture;
  • adding beat markers to a music track;
  • 10 fonts, customizable color and transparency;
  • creating a freeze-frame effect;
  • saving video in 4K format (60 frames / sec).

5 – Splice

The app is rated 4.7 points by users in the App Store .

Splice is a video editor that lets you create professional-grade videos right on your mobile device. In 2015, this app was named “Best Video Editor for iPhone”.

Among the functions:

  • cropping;
  • setting up a special effect of slow motion;
  • setting transitions between frames;
  • synchronization of video and music;
  • choice of background color;
  • titles;
  • overlaying video filters;
  • setting the playback speed;
  • cutting out fragments;
  • creating the illusion of the camera approaching and moving away from the subject of filming;
  • recording of offscreen comments.

6 – VivaVideo

Rating  4.7.

A demo with a watermark is free. The premium version costs 999 rubles per year. The trial period is 3 days.

Basic functions:

  • adding titles, stickers;
  • setting up multiple music tracks;
  • cutting frames with an accuracy of 0.1 second;
  • deceleration and acceleration;
  • background setting;
  • scaling;
  • collage creation;
  • picture-in-picture option;
  • logo;
  • the ability to extract music from another video and add it to your project;
  • more than 100 fonts;
  • stickers;
  • application of artistic filters and special effects (for example, rainbow, rain, etc.).

7 – VideoShow

All Meterials

Score 4.7 .

This application has already been downloaded by over 600 million users. \


  • There is no limit on the duration of the exported video
  • More than 50 ready-made themes templates
  • Over a hundred tunes
  • Setting up fonts
  • GIF, memes
  • Smilies, special effects
  • Art filters
  • Cutting, gluing, setting up a video sequence, reverse, duplicating frames
  • Changing the position of the frame
  • Cropping.
  • Setting the playback speed
  • Adjusting audio volume and speed
  • Scoring

8 – PicsArt

Text Preset

Score – 4.6.

Among the standard functions are the imposition of filters, text, photos, video cropping.


  • Drop Shadow is a new feature for applying drop shadows to added objects (stickers, photos, and text) in the Squared tool.
  • Video Editor – 50 new tracks in different genres.
  • BRL is a new filter for creative experimentation.

 9 – Perfect Video

Text Preset xml

Rating 4.6.

Perfect Video is a powerful and easy-to-use video editor for video editing and slideshows.

  • Main functions
  • Trimming, gluing, splitting fragments
  • frame rotation
  • mirroring video clips
  • subtitles
  • mosaic,
  • customize watermarks
  • titles and photos
  • setting transitions between frames
  • audio files

10 – iMovie 


Rating – 3.7.

iMovie lets you edit trailers and movie masterpieces in Hollywood style.

iMovie is a free tool from Apple that handles 4K video with ease and allows you to assemble clips, trailers and even mobile movies from recorded moments of life in minutes. Of the advantages – no watermarks, technical problems and problems with the implementation of the plan. And also – 14 templates, a bunch of music, logos, text, video and photo support, effects, templates, split screen. The congested interface will not be a hindrance to new masterpieces – the powerful Multi-Touch gesture system will help you get to the right tools in a matter of seconds.


  • 14 templates for trailers with music and special effects provided
  • setting up titles, logos, actor names
  • you can shoot a video directly from the video editor
  • animated work areas
  • 8 ready-made themes with special effects, transitions and titles to create movie masterpieces
  • 10 original video filters
  • rewind, slow motion
  • picture-in-picture mode and split screen
  • soundtrack creation
  • voiceover recording
  • transfer projects to computer using AirDrop or iCloud Drive
  • saving video in 4K format.
  • Using Hot Keys for Video Editing
  • The ability to add media files in various formats (for example, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP) to the video.

Apps for downloading videos from the web

Black Screen

It is not necessary to use only materials shot on the iPhone or iPad as sources for the subsequent editing of videos: screensavers, templates and promo videos found on the Internet will also help to experiment with the result. The only problem is the closed nature of the iOS operating system. Until version 12, the developers from Apple almost did not allow downloading information from the network through the browser, and therefore they had to turn to special tools for help, like VLC:

  • The mobile media player allows you to play videos (including those found on the local network, saved in iCloud and added via a link from FTP and cloud storage) and even upload to the internal memory of an iPhone or iPad after adding a valid URL link in the “Network” section.
  • After going to the “Download” item, it is enough to indicate the link and wait until it becomes possible to choose where to save the materials – in the “Gallery” or in the “Files”.

Third-party assistants function in a similar way: Video Saver Pro (suffers from ads, but allows you to hide important information from prying eyes with a password) and iLax with an archaic design and a slightly confusing interface.

Gluing cuts

Scattered footage captured on an iPhone or iPad can be “assembled” into a single clip by many mobile tools, but InShot and Clipper are the best at doing the job. Assistants are allowed to place a dozen sources on the timeline, and then, controlling each step, work out a future clip or film. Before final editing, intermediate results are easy to view, changing some details, adding transitions, cutting out unnecessary ones.

At the end, the work can be shared on social networks, uploaded to cloud storage or sent to friends by mail. It’s a pity that you have to overcome watermarks and buy some of the features in the built-in stores.

Acceleration and deceleration

Not all graphics editors presented in the App Store are capable of controlling the playback speed of these clips. In some cases, instead of slowing down and speeding up, you have to deal with graphic errors and dropped frames. Slo Mo Video and Splice services will help you avoid unsuccessful results.

The stuffing of Slo Mo Video and Splice is very different, but the purpose and method of interaction is similar: on the timeline, effects are applied to already added clips, slowing down or speeding up playback with a specified ratio (or as a percentage). Before saving the result, preview and third-party processing is available with the addition of text, stickers or even music. And in the latter case, Splice automatically synchronizes sound with a picture.