TOP 10 best hosting for a website

Not sure which hosting to choose for your website? Are you confused by a huge number of different companies, a bunch of complex tariff plans and an abundance of conflicting reviews? I have compiled a detailed rating of the TOP 10 of the best Russian hosting specifically in order to make it easier for beginners to choose.

10 of the best Russian hosting for 2021

In my last article, I already talked about how to choose the right hosting for a website . If you haven’t read this article yet, be sure to read it. The article is written specifically for beginners: no complex terms and unnecessary technical details. You will learn what to look for in the first place when choosing a hosting provider .

Nevertheless, this seemed to me a little and I decided to compile a detailed rating of the best hosting for a website in Russia for 2021. The rating was compiled based on user reviews and personal experience. For each hosting, I made a short overview of the most useful features and separately made lists of “advantages” and “disadvantages”.

In this table you can see a comparison of hosting, by key parameters:

1. Beget – the best domestic hosting

Beget is one of the most popular hosters in the CIS countries. On the market since 2007. I myself have been using it for several years and during this time I have never let me down.

A distinctive feature is very high quality and prompt technical support. From personal experience, I never had to wait more than an hour for an answer. Problems are solved quickly and clearly.

Another plus is a convenient, intuitive interface. To figure out what and how it works, you do not need to constantly go to the FAQ or ask Google.

Beget supports most of the popular CMS, including: WordPress , Bitrix , Joomla, Drupal, MODx, etc.

There are 4 basic plans for shared hosting: Blog, Start, Noble, Great.

They differ in the number of sites, the size of the allocated hard disk space and the allowed load. In addition, each of these resources can be additionally purchased without switching to a more expensive tariff.


  • High reliability thanks to modern software and high-quality servers
  • Supports most popular CMS including WordPress, Joomla and Bitrix
  • Good website loading speed
  • Responsive technical support
  • Development. Constantly improve the interface, fix bugs, add new functions
  • The longest free trial period among competitors – 30 days


  • Stands above the market average

Hosting is perfect for novice webmasters. Here, there is a choice of tariff plans, and the necessary reliability and stability.

2. Timeweb is inexpensive and reliable

Timeweb is a hosting company that has been actively gaining momentum in Russia since 2006. The company increases its client base by 4000 new clients every month. Today 150 thousand people use the services of the company.

Now the company is constantly improving its servers and offering customers all the new services, so, recently, the function of grouping accounts was added, which allows you to switch between different accounts with just one click.

Now you can choose from 4 tariff plans for shared hosting (Year +, Optimo +, Century +, Millennium +), which differ in the size of disk space and the number of sites.

One of the company’s advantages is that your sites will run on next-generation SSD drives, which are characterized by high data processing speed, while most companies still use outdated HDDs.

Timeweb is optimized for all modern CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, NetCat, Bitrix, ModX, Drupal and others. In addition, the hoster offers its own website builder, which will certainly come in handy if you need to create a simple landing page.

Thanks to its speed and reliability, Timeweb ranks first in our ranking of the best hosting for an online store .


  • Powerful proprietary dashboard with new features added all the time
  • There is a separate tariff plan for 1C-Bitrix users
  • Fast SSD drives
  • You can purchase additional services without changing the tariff
  • No traffic restrictions to the site
  • Own website builder


  • Prices for tariffs are higher than the market average
  • Slow tech support

3. Sprinthost is the most trusted and trusted provider

Hosting Springhost meets with a friendly site, easy navigation and help information that will help even novice webmasters to understand the system.

Sprint host has been on the market since 2005.

At the moment, the company offers users three tariffs for virtual hosting (Vostok-1, Vostok-2, Vostok-3), as well as VDS and server rental.

Pricing plans lack flexibility. If you need to increase disk space, then you will not be able to buy it separately in the existing tariff plan, and there is only one way out of this situation – to switch to another tariff.

Technical support at the level. Users have access to a free phone, by which, regardless of the time of day, you can ask the consultants your question. But at the same time, sometimes there are situations when the night consultant cannot help in solving problems and suggests waiting.

Great for all types of sites: blogs, information portals, landing pages , online stores.


  • Modern anti-virus and anti-spam software
  • Support for most modern CMS
  • Convenient control panel that will be easy to understand even for beginners
  • Prices are lower than the market average


  • Technical support is not always effective

4. Majordomo is one of the oldest providers

One of the oldest hosting providers. On the market since 2000. At the same time, all this time it keeps the bar and successfully competes with ambitious newcomers.

Like all modern hosting services, Majordomo is optimized for all the most popular CMS: WordPress, Bitrix, Joomla, etc.

Has its own mobile application for service management. In addition, the provider offers a 10% discount on the payment of the first month to the balance through the application.

At any tariff, you can connect a free certificate from Let’S Encrypt. Plus, there is a large selection of paid certificates.

There is also a service of “treatment” of the site from the company “Revision”. It can be useful if there is no way to restore a “clean” version of the site from a backup.

In addition, directly from the provider, you can order SEO optimization, setting up contextual advertising and promotion in social media. networks.

The prices are quite affordable. Majordomo offers 3 basic plans for shared hosting. The cost starts from 99 rubles / month. But it should be remembered that the cheapest “Start” plan does not support PHP. Therefore, if you are going to use a CMS, you will need to choose a more expensive tariff.


  • Excellent virus protection
  • Good customer reviews
  • Low prices
  • Hosting Management Application


  • PHP support is not available on all plans

5. Hostinger – the cheapest hosting

Hostinger offers its customers 3 basic plans “Simple”, “Premium” and “Business”. Starting with the “Premium” tariff plan, you get practically unlimited resources at your disposal: unlimited traffic, disk space, the number of sites, mail accounts, etc.

In addition to the three basic tariffs, you can purchase a VPS with a price range of 296 rubles. up to 4000 rubles

The hosting has its own control panel with a friendly interface and all the necessary functions of a modern hosting: file editor, backup, SSL certificates, CMS installation in one click, etc.

In addition, the hosting has integration with a website builder. This is very convenient if you need a simple business card site or landing page.


  • Own website builder
  • Convenient interface
  • There are unlimited tariffs
  • Server location can be selected
  • Quick installation of WordPress and other CMS


  • No free trial period (this is partially offset by a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days)
  • There is no free SSL certificate in the Simple plan
  • Technical support is closed on weekends

6. Machost is a good option for large sites

The hosting company Makhost hosts its servers in the Netherlands. On the market since 2004.

The main advantage of Makhost is, of course, low prices.


  • Low prices
  • Prompt support service
  • Easy-to-learn custom control panel
  • No traffic restrictions
  • Support for all modern CMS
  • The information is placed exclusively on new generation discs, which ensure fast loading of Internet pages.


  • No file manager
  • No test period

7. Fozzy – the fastest hosting in Russia

Fozzie’s company today is part of the XBT holding, which over the years of its work in the market has managed to gain popularity in the United States, Luxembourg, Singapore, India and other world countries. On the Russian market since 2012.

Among the company’s clients at the moment are well-known payment systems, the largest Internet portals and the Forex exchange. Despite the fact that the company is global, all conditions have been created for Russian users. This is round-the-clock technical support in Russian, and an extended list of payment systems through which you can pay for a particular tariff.

The company offers 5 tariffs. Most Popular:

  1. “Fast Site” offers users 10 gigabytes of personal data storage, one database and the ability to host 1 site.
  2. “5 Fast Sites” offers 50 gigabytes of free space, 5 databases, 5 allowed sites.

It should be remembered that the cheapest “Static Site” tariff does not support PHP and databases. Therefore, if you are going to create a website on a CMS (eg WordPress), you will have to choose a more expensive plan.

You can buy additional resources without changing the tariff.

For any tariff and for any control panel, you can install a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. is not only a very popular domain registrar, but also a hosting company. On the market since 2006. Recently released a special mobile application that makes it easy to manage services, even when you are far from your computer.

The hoster offers customers a choice of as many as three control panels and six basic tariffs, plus 3 more vip tariffs. Basically, the tariffs differ from each other in the number of sites (from 1 to 30) and the size of the hard disk.


  • Three different control panels to choose from
  • Automatic protection against DDoS attacks at all tariffs
  • Automatic anti-virus scan
  • Supports all popular CMS
  • Separate tariff for 1C Bitrix
  • Own website builder
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Data centers in Moscow.
  • You can choose the operating system of the server on which the site will be (for advanced users)


  • A complex system of tariffs which will not be easy for a beginner to understand
  • Confusing control panel interface
  • Prices are higher than the market average
  • Support is not always competent

In general, is a decent hosting, suitable for hosting small sites and your own blogs.

9. ISPserver – a good combination of price and quality

The hosting is directly related to ISP System, which developed the popular IPSmanager control panel. The history of development began back in the 90s, at the moment the company is one of the most popular hosting in our country.

There are three basic plans, which differ in the amount of hard disk space and the number of sites. You can choose 2 variants of the site control panel: CPanel and ISPmanager.

Based on the reviews, technical support leaves much to be desired: customers complain about long waiting times and incompetent actions.


  • Two panels to choose from
  • DDoS protection
  • Fast SSD drives


  • Very short test period (only 7 days)

The hosting is not bad. Despite the shortcomings, it works much better than smaller and unknown hosting.

10 Jino is a veteran in the market

Founded in 2003. Recently, it has significantly lost ground under the onslaught of younger competitors. Nevertheless, they try to keep up with the times.

The main difference from competitors is that there are no basic tariffs on Jino. When buying, you yourself connect as many resources as you need. You can buy: disk space, number of sites, PHP support, databases, mail accounts, etc. Services are connected and disconnected in real time. Payment is debited daily.

Services: virtual hosting, VDS, cloud hosting, SSL certificates, domain registration, website builder.

The site is easy to understand, a huge amount of reference information for beginners.

If you register for the first time, you can count on a 10-day trial period.Dignity

  • Own very user-friendly control panel
  • Modern SSD drives
  • A huge amount of help information for new users
  • Convenient tariff-free payment system


  • The support service works slowly, it cannot give a clear answer to some questions;
  • Websites run at medium speeds;

11. AdminVPS is a strong middling

AdminVPS is one of the most reliable providers at the moment, which can ensure the stable operation of sites at high speed. It is not for nothing that the largest Russian companies use it, for example, Svyaznoy and Robokassa;

Services: virtual hosting, VDS, dedicated servers, SSL certificates, domain registration.Dignity

  • Tier 3+ data center is used
  • Prompt support (response in a maximum of 30 minutes after the call)
  • The information is placed exclusively on new generation disks, which ensure fast loading of Internet pages;


  • Not the lowest prices for tariffs


We have reviewed 10 of the best Russian providers. What is missing in the article? How can you supplement it? Do you have any questions? Maybe you found an error in the article? Be sure to write it down in the comments. Do not forget to also join the VKontakte group to always be aware of the latest news from the world of site building.