Slimming exercise

There are many reasons for weight gain. Some cannot independently normalize their nutrition, learn to maintain a balance between consumed and spent calories. Others suffer from psychological disorders that also lead to excessive food intake and stress seizure. For each individual, specific case, its own direction of treatment is selected. But all of them, as a rule, include a set of physical exercises of varying intensity.

Regular exercise improves muscle tone, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, improves well-being and brings a host of other positive effects. But not every person is able to find time in the daily schedule for a full-fledged lesson. Then a good way out is morning exercises at home. Just 10-15 minutes – and a few exercises will allow the body to wake up, get ready for a hard day, start all processes, including metabolic ones.

Why charge?

Even a quick, short daily exercise will make your morning vigorous, charge you with positive emotions and energy for the whole day. It is suitable even for the lazy, because, perhaps, everyone can allocate 10 minutes. In addition, it will have a good effect on well-being and appearance. After a month of regular training, you can see the first changes. The body becomes more toned, the condition of the skin improves, and visible cellulite is slightly reduced. In addition, morning exercises at home are completely free. There is no need to go to a specialized gym or buy expensive equipment or special exercise equipment.

Morning physical activity brings the following positive effects to the body:

  • the cardiovascular system works better by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood;
  • the complexion becomes healthier, fresher;
  • the body can more easily cope with stressful situations, the level of anxiety decreases;
  • sleep improves, a person is less prone to insomnia;
  • joints become more mobile, muscle endurance increases.

Morning exercises should be not only beneficial, but also enjoyable. To do this, you can choose your favorite music, comfortable clothes and exercises that work well, do not bring discomfort. With all this, it is important to consider the basic rules. They are quite simple.

The main rules of charging for weight loss

Exercising will benefit the body, but only if two basic principles are observed. The first is regularity. Exercising from time to time will not have any effect on losing weight or improving your well-being. The second is the implementation of the main rules, which largely determine the result. They are based on the following principles:

  • At least three lessons per week. Optimally – every other day. Muscles need time to recover.
  • Selection of exercises, taking into account individual characteristics. You need to focus on the state of health, age, the presence of contraindications. With diseases of the joints, lower back, many types of loads are prohibited.
  • Working out all muscle groups. Don’t pay attention to just one area.
  • Compliance with the diet. After training, you must refrain from eating for at least 30-40 minutes. This time can be spent preparing a delicious, complete, balanced breakfast.
  • Do not transfer morning exercises to the evening. This is fraught with overexcitation, insomnia.
  • Start the morning complex with a joint warm-up.
  • Finish the workout with a stretch.
  • Choose comfortable, comfortable clothes for classes.

For beginners, it is better to start with a small set of exercises, gradually supplementing it, complicating it as you get used to.

Losing weight with morning exercises: myth or reality?

As already mentioned, morning exercises have a positive effect on all body systems, brings a charge of vivacity and energy. But most people have a question: “Is it possible with the help of it to lose weight, to reduce the volume of the body?”. This is real, but on condition that gymnastics becomes part of the complex, which will also include:

  • proper balanced nutrition;
  • daily regime;
  • maintaining a balance between consumed and spent calories;
  • working with a psychologist to change eating habits.

What is the use of daily exercise if a person seizes on any stressful situation, eats for company, cannot live a day without fast food?

Morning exercises should become a habit, an integral part of your daily routine. Only under such conditions will it help you lose weight, bring your body into shape.

Benefit for health

Exercising in the morning should become a regular part of your daily schedule. Just a few minutes can improve your health, increase self-confidence, and improve your mood. Due to the active saturation of brain and blood cells with oxygen, it becomes easier to concentrate, think, perform new tasks: all this is equally important for a schoolchild, student, working person and pensioner.

You can do a few exercises at home or go to a nearby park, take a light jog, or walk a few laps around the house. The main thing is that all this is enjoyable, then positive results will not be long in coming.

Improving performance

With any exercise, fast and slow, dynamic and static, there is an active saturation of cells with oxygen. This, in turn, leads to an acceleration of thought processes, an increase in concentration, and an improvement in memory. That is why many experts suggest replacing the usual morning coffee with a small set of exercises. It will also give you a boost of strength and energy that will last throughout the day. The same cannot be said about caffeine, which, among other things, has a number of negative side effects, can cause increased blood pressure, headaches.

Health benefits

Due to the active supply of oxygen to cells, the work of all body systems improves, and a healing effect is observed:

  • blood circulation is normalized;
  • increased efficiency, brain activity, coordination of movements;
  • metabolism accelerates;
  • the muscles of the back are strengthened, which contributes to the alignment of posture, the prevention of osteochondrosis, scoliosis.

In addition, regular physical activity in the form of morning exercises helps to strengthen the immune system. The body copes with harmful bacteria and viruses more easily, which is especially important in autumn and winter.

Positive attitude

As already mentioned, the morning complex must be composed in such a way that it brings pleasure:

  • easy, unhurried pace of exercise;
  • cheerful, incendiary music;
  • favorite comfortable clothes;
  • comfortable environment.

Every little thing plays an important role here. This approach will not only provide energy for the whole day, but also improve your mood. A person who started the morning with something pleasant will feel calmer and lighter throughout the day, it will be easier for him to withstand any difficulties in life, at work, in the family, the level of irritability and fatigue will decrease.

An evening workout can be a good option for improving your mood. The following directions are suitable for her:

  • yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • stretching;
  • qigong;
  • Chinese breathing technique;
  • Japanese or Tibetan gymnastics with a roller or a towel for the spine.

These directions are quite specific, they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, the main thing is that there are no contraindications to them. They can also help you relax and put your thoughts in order.

Healthy sleep

Physical activity in the morning will charge you with energy, which is enough for the whole day. But its level will gradually decrease towards evening. This is due to the natural biological cycles of humans. All this is very beneficial for the body. Daily light exercises will allow you to normalize the daily routine, gradually accustom yourself to get up and go to bed at about the same time, which will help you gradually get rid of insomnia, get a healthy, sound sleep and easy awakening.

Fast charging for weight loss at home

Not every person is able to allocate enough time for a morning workout. There are many reasons for this. But this should not be a reason for a complete rejection of activity. A quick charge will come to the rescue, which includes two exercises for each muscle group. An example of such training is shown in the following table.

Muscle groupExercises
ButtocksSquats to tone the glutes. The main thing when doing the exercise is technique. Care should be taken to keep your back straight and your heels on the floor. Hands can be kept at the waist, in front of you, or behind your head.Swing straight leg forward and backward. They can be performed from a standing position if balance is good. An easier option is to lean one hand against the wall.
HandsPush ups. You need to go down and up very slowly, so you will be able to maximize all the muscles in your arms. It is better for beginners to do push-ups from their knees – this option is easier, but no less effective.Reverse push-ups from a sofa or chair. This exercise also helps to strengthen the back muscles.
PressStraight twists. Starting position – lying on your back, hands are clasped behind the head. On exhalation, it is necessary to raise the body, tear off the shoulder blades, and return back on inhalation. You need to perform the exercise as slowly as possible. The main thing is to monitor the position of the back, it should not come off the floor. If this does not work, you can put a rolled towel under the lower back.The plank is on straight arms or elbows, but you can also do the plank while standing on one arm.

Each exercise must be done at least 10-15 times, and the bar must be held for at least 20 seconds.

Warm up before exercising

Morning exercises must necessarily begin with a warm-up. Muscles, joints and tendons need to be warmed up after sleep. Otherwise, the risk of injury and damage is greatly increased.

The warm-up should last about 2-5 minutes, and consist of light, unhurried exercises, for example:

  • head tilt: forward, backward, left, right;
  • circular movements with the shoulders;
  • rotation in the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints;
  • turns and tilts of the body: forward, backward, left, right;
  • tilts to straight or bent knees;
  • circular movements of the pelvis;
  • rotation in the knees and ankle joints.

Each exercise must be done 8 times or 4 on each side.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Exercise?

When choosing exercises for weight loss, you should not focus on a specific zone: volumes cannot decrease only in the abdomen or only in the hips. It is optimal to make a complex for all muscle groups, since such a training will speed up metabolic processes, improve the condition of the skin, and tone the muscles.

What exercises to include here for each muscle group?

  • For the glutes and thighs: deep squats, swings, lunges.
  • For the back, arms: push-ups, pull-ups, work with dumbbells weighing from 0.5 to 3 kilograms. You can use water bottles instead of dumbbells. These exercises are suitable for both men and women, the only difference is the number of repetitions.
  • For the press: crunches, planks, straight leg raises from a supine position.

Do not forget about other, no less effective types of physical activity: walking, light jogging, jumping rope, etc. Another important nuance is that when choosing exercises, one should first of all focus on health. People with a sick spine, for example, are prohibited from various kinds of twisting, and with hypertension, running and jumping may be contraindicated. Therefore, before introducing charging into your daily routine, you need to consult with a specialist.

For beginners, you can use video tutorials. Now on the Internet you can easily find various educational resources, where coaches with extensive experience share interesting programs and complexes, explain in detail the technique of execution. Subsequently, based on the skills acquired, you can independently draw up a lesson plan, focusing on your own preferences.

Cardio exercise at home

Cardio exercises are considered to be quite effective in terms of weight loss, since they require more strength, energy, and calories to perform than strength exercises. These include:

  • running in place;
  • jumping rope;
  • jumping out;
  • jumping in place or in different directions.

During these exercises, there is an increase in heart rate, the appearance of shortness of breath. Breathing becomes sharp and intermittent. Therefore, cardio exercise may be contraindicated in people with diseases of the cardiovascular system or hypertension.

Cardio training must be complemented by strength training. Only then will it be possible to simultaneously lose weight and maintain muscle mass. So the figure will look more toned, beautiful.

Fitball exercises

For weight loss, body shaping, posture beauty – exercises with a fitball are well suited. With it, you can create a complete training program to work out all muscle groups. It will be more effective than bodyweight training without additional equipment. The body will have to expend more energy to maintain a stable position.

Fitballs vary in size, their diameter can be from 60-80 centimeters to 100-120. The main thing is that it is comfortable to hold it in your hands. You can do the following exercises on a large ball:

  • twisting;
  • strap on straight arms;
  • overhead squats;
  • push-ups from fitball;
  • reverse crunches to strengthen the muscles of the back.

Expert opinion

Fitness or morning exercise will benefit the body in almost all cases. They will not help to remove fat, belly, or cellulite in a week, but they will help to smoothly get rid of it and improve overall health. The main thing is not to neglect the help of professionals. The workout should end with positive emotions, not a hospital bed.