Setting statuses in WhatsApp messenger for Android, iOS, and Windows


In WhatsApp for Android, you can at any time define the type and content of one of the two statuses provided in the messenger or set them one by one: a text mark that all users of the service see (by default – “Hello everyone! I use WhatsApp.” ); and “Stories” – a collection of various objects (photo, video, GIF, signature, etc.), which is broadcast within 24 hours to your selected contacts, and then automatically deleted.

Option 1: Text status

  1. Launch WhatsApp or return to its main screen. Go to the “Settings” of the messenger – for this you need to tap the three dots at the top right of the screen to bring up the menu and in it touch the corresponding item.
  2. Click on the first in the list of sections of the messenger parameters and the area containing your name and photo in it. On the screen that opens, tap the “Details” option .
  3. Then you can select a text status from the list of template phrases or create a new one:
    • In the first option, just tap on the text that suits you in the “Select Information” list and wait a little;
    • If you want to write something different and new in the status, under the heading “Current information” click on the text accompanying your profile at the moment, then delete it. Enter a new “message” distributed within the service – it can be any inscription, link, emoticons or a combination of the above. Please note that the number of characters that make up the mark in question should not exceed 140. When you finish entering the information, click “SAVE” .
  4. After looking at the field “Current information” and making sure that the result of the performed manipulations suits you, exit the “Settings” of WhatsApp – now other users of the messenger, when trying to interact with your person, will observe the installed inscription.

Option 2: “History”

  1. Open the messenger and from its main screen go to the “STATUS” tab .
  2. To predetermine the circle of persons who will be able to view the generated status, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, select “Privacy” in the menu that appears. On the screen that opens, move the radio button to one of the appropriate positions for your needs.If your choice requires it, determine by marking in the address book which of your contacts will be able to view the “story”, and to whom this opportunity will be unavailable. To save your changes to the settings, click Done at the bottom of the Status Privacy screen .
  3. Then you can start forming the “History” . To do this, click:
    • To the “Pencil” button located at the bottom right to add a specially designed inscription to the story. Enter your status text.Then, touching the icons of one of the three tools, add emoticons and / or GIF-animation to the image (4); select the lettering font ( “T” ); replace the background color (the “Palette” button ).
    • The “Camera” button or the “My Status” item to take a photo or record a new video with the device’s camera, as well as select an image / video / animation from the “Gallery” of the device and add one of these objects to the “story” of the messenger.After selecting a picture or video, it will be possible to add effects and captions on top of it – use it as you wish.
  4. After completing the selection and editing of the objects forming part of the “History” , click on the “Submit” button .
  5. This completes the installation of the graphic status in WatsAp, in fact. Tap “My Status” to view the resulting story; click on the three dots to the right of the indicated inscription if you want to delete individual parts of the broadcast before the expiration of the 24 hours allotted by the service for its existence.Read more: How to delete WhatsApp status from Android device


WhatsApp for iPhone users have access to virtually the same opportunities regarding the statuses in the messenger as to the owners of devices running the above-described Android. At the same time, due to the differences in the interface of the service applications for iOS and the “green robot”, we can say that the solution to the problem voiced in the title of the article in these operating systems is slightly different.

Option 1: Text status

  1. Open WatsAp on your iPhone and go to the “Settings” of the messenger by tapping the corresponding button on the right in the section panel located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on the area showing your name and avatar in the messenger, on the next screen, tap on the text of the current status – it is entitled “INFORMATION” .
  3. Further:
    • Or tap on the appropriate text for your situation in the “Select Details” list , which will cause a check mark to appear in the area occupied by the text.
    • Or, in order to write your own text, click on the option titled “CURRENT INFORMATION” , then delete the caption. Next, type a message no more than 140 characters long, including emoticons. When you have finished entering your information, click Save .
  4. Exit the “Settings” of the messenger – from now on your name in WhatsApp will be accompanied by the selected text mark.

Option 2: “History”

  1. Before setting the status history from the iPhone broadcast by your WhatsApp account, determine the list of your contacts who will be able to view it. For this:
    • Go to the “Settings” of the messenger, open the “Account” section , then click “Privacy” .
    • In the first block of options on the screen that opens, click “Status” , then tap on the category of contacts who are allowed access to your “Stories” .Specify specific users with certain capabilities in the “Contacts” list , click “Finish” , and then exit the “Settings” of the messenger.
  2. To start creating a “Story”, tap the leftmost button “Status” in the section panel located at the bottom of the main WhatsApp screen.
  3. Next, depending on the type of content you are adding to the broadcast, click:
    • “Camera” or “My status” , if your goal is to create a new photo or record a new video using smartphone cameras, and also select an existing image, video or GIF file.After creating / selecting an object, you will have the opportunity to edit it and add a signature – do it as you wish.
    • “Text” (a button with a pencil image) to create a status in the form of a certain form of an inscription.After opening this feature and entering text, press “T” to select a font and / or the “Palette” button to replace the background color.
  4. Upon completion of the formation of the object for the “story”, tap on the “Send” button . Further, by touching “My status” , you can view the generated and already available to other users “History” ,and also delete its individual or all parts, without waiting until the day allotted by the service for the existence of the broadcast expires.Read more: Delete your status in the WhatsApp messenger for iOS
  5. Additionally . In addition to the above-described option for creating graphical statuses, WhatsApp for iPhone has one more option, which involves the quick sending of “stories” updates by adding photos and / or videos created by the device’s camera to them:
    • Click “Camera” in the section bar at the bottom of the WhatsApp main screen. Take a photo or shoot a video, or select an image / video from those already available from the iPhone.
    • If necessary or desired, use the messenger to edit the content, add effects and a signature. Then click on the “Submit” button .
    • Tap on the first item of the opened list of possible recipients – “My status” , this will lead to the appearance of a check mark in the checkbox located to the right of it. Then click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen on the right, after which the update of your “History” will be instantly “published” in the messenger.


The WhatsApp desktop client , in comparison with mobile messenger applications, is known to be characterized by fewer features and functions. The restrictions and work with the statuses of the system user have not been bypassed – from a PC or laptop, following the instructions below, you can change only the text information accompanying the name of your profile. As for the “Stories” – only viewing them is available on the computer, but not forming, changing or deleting them.

  1. Launch the WatsAp application for Windows, click on your profile photo in the messenger, which is located in the upper left corner of the window.
  2. Scroll through the list of “Profile” options ,click on the pencil image in the Details area to the left of the currently set status text.
  3. Remove the caption that appears to accompany your WhatsApp accountand then enter a new one.
  4. To save the text and complete the status setting, click on the checkmark at the top right of the area with the input field or press “Enter” on the keyboard.To cancel the changes made to the label before saving them, use the “Esc” key .

That’s all, click on the “Back” arrow button to exit the “Settings” of the profile in the messenger, after which you can continue using WhatsApp on your PC in normal mode, but with the updated text status.