Although for most it is a cosmetic problem, abdominal fat is also a health risk, especially for men. An excessive concentration of adipose tissue above the waist increases the chances of suffering from coronary heart disease, as well as diabetes, sleep apnea, and even certain types of cancer

Luckily, a few small changes in your diet and in your lifestyle will achieve results very soon, freeing you from the “float”. If, in addition, you reinforce your habits with apps to improve your health, the benefits will be maintained. Shall we start?

If you want to lose belly fat, modify your diet

That “michelin” did not appear overnight, right? Alcohol (not called a beer belly by chance), fried foods and junk food have done their part. We know it will be difficult, but:

  • Avoid carbohydrates that come from white or refined flours (such as bread or pasta) and certain cereals: if you are going to eat rice, make it whole.
  • Increase your intake of proteins found in lean meats, fish, or eggs. You will feel satiated for longer and you will maintain the muscles, losing fat .
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits and vegetables , although they are not worth all: bananas (due to their high sugar content) and potatoes (due to carbohydrates) should not be in your diet.
  • If your goal, in addition to getting rid of the “tummy”, is to lose weight , consult a doctor about the most appropriate regimen for your age and lifestyle. You have to create a caloric deficit , eat fewer calories than you expend, to see how the kilos drop on the scale. How about keeping a diary of the foods you eat to control the amounts?
  • Avoid dairy or, at least, limit your consumption to low-fat.
  • Surely you already imagined it, but alcohol , sugar and sauces are prohibited .
  • Drink water or infusions (unsweetened, of course) and avoid juices (due to their excess of sugar, present in fruit).

Belly out … while you relax

The increased physical activity will also help get rid of abdominal fat, although some exercises are more effective than others. To make up for the bad news about the beer that you will stop drinking, here’s a good one: if you don’t want to, you won’t have to do sit-ups , as they work to define muscles, but not to make the dreaded “lorzas” disappear.

If you want to “lose belly”, run, ride a bike, swim or walk: aerobic activity is essential to speed up the metabolism. The ideal, in fact, is 45 minutes per session, in order to “burn” the fatty acids , those that feed your “float”.

There is a way to put your whole body to work and improve results: Pilates and yoga . Most of the postures and movements of these disciplines involve balance and precision , which is achieved by activating our central section . With yoga, you will also reduce cortisol , a hormone that causes you to store fat around the waist and that is released when you are under stress. By relaxing you will not only be saying goodbye to anxiety, but also to your tummy.

Have you thought about aesthetic medicine?

There are more and more cosmetic products aimed at men (such as abdomen reducing creams ) and many do not hesitate to undergo treatments such as dermolysis, dermoplasty or infiltration sessions , which reduce localized fat quickly and lastingly without going through the operating room.

This, however, is also an option: if you are interested, ask about the techniques that, through surgery , will sculpt your silhouette and define your muscles , eliminating excess adipose tissue.And always, remember, consult a specialist before launching into a full attack on abdominal fat: your objectives will be clearer, the results will be long-lasting and you will not be demotivated.