Rating of the best hosting

# 1  BEGET

BEGET is another place where you can put a site with any content. A long test period allows you to evaluate the capabilities of the resource and determine the main advantages and disadvantages. The main ones are:

Location in the Russian Federation, which ensures high speed of work, including on the territory of the CIS countries and Europe;

The hosting provider constantly optimizes, taking into account changes in content management systems;

The ability to install CMS, blogging engines and other applications in one click;

High-performance indicators.

BEGET provides discounts if the client decides to buy hosting immediately for a year. All actions to transfer the site are carried out by specialists, which is also a great advantage. It is possible to get domains as a gift when choosing and paying for a certain tariff. But there are also disadvantages since shared hosting only offers a limited number of sites when choosing the minimum tariff.


Sprinthost is a universal hosting that is convenient to use for hosting various sites. With the help of such a service, you can easily implement almost any idea. Choose it as a gaming hosting, as it allows you to host a large number of websites on one server.

The main information is contained in the hosting account. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with additional features before starting work. The technical support service works at a high level. You can contact the consultants at any time of the day. Professionals help to solve every issue related to site transfer or tariff selection.

Sprinthost offers customers to order hosting and domain at affordable prices. You can even buy international addresses, for example, in exotic areas. Favorable tariffs and a wide range of services are the main advantages of the company.


When looking for which hosting to choose on the territory of the Russian Federation, many prefer this option. TIME WEB is a company that you can confidently interact with. It offers a number of services, the ability to purchase software licenses on special terms. The admin panel is simple and convenient, 24/7 support is available for all questions.

TIME WEB offers a standard package of services: virtual and physically dedicated servers, the ability to register a domain, SSL connection. An additional advantage is the built-in website builder. With its help, almost any project can be realized in a short time.

This is not to say that this is the best hosting, as it has its advantages and disadvantages. Before starting work, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the company’s capabilities in order to implement the idea as efficiently as possible and not overpay.


Multihost is an excellent solution for many information resources. Corporate sites, online stores, news portals, web services are located here. It assumes a minimum tariff and the ability to understand the specifics of the company’s work during a test period of 30 days. This is the cheapest hosting, as the rates are always kept at a relatively low level.

Many experts call Multihost the number one choice. It is simple and easy to use, offers a number of additional features for the efficient operation of the resource. Another advantage is considered by many to preserve all rights to the hosted resource and when the work is stopped, all information is copied to the computer.

Access to user data is carried out through a personal hosting account. The processing of requests is carried out online, without days off and holidays. Also, the client can receive security, technical support, and information backup as an additional service.


WEBHOST1 is chosen by everyone who is looking for affordable file hosting or planning to move a site to get more favorable conditions. It has been operating on the market for a long time and differs from competitors in the simplicity of the service. Over the entire period of operation, more than 150 thousand clients have used its services, and even more, projects have been implemented. Many people use it as image hosting, as it is great for hosting simple websites, and business cards.

WEBHOST1 offers its clients server rental, virtual hosting, and VPS / VDS. New users are encouraged to take advantage of the trial period. This allows clients to evaluate the resource at no extra cost. You can reduce the cost of the service by using promotional codes or promotional offers. Choosing this server hosting, you should check the terms with technical support. The technical equipment is located on the territory of the country, which makes it possible to guarantee stable operation without interruptions.


MCHOST is one of the best solutions for hosting a website of any size. The company uses only modern equipment with good power ratings. Therefore, more than 50 thousand clients use the services. Here you can rent a virtual server, and purchase all the necessary software.

Many users choose it as their personal hosting due to a large number of advantages. After activating the account, it is proposed to use the trial version, after its end, the client can decide whether to continue cooperation or not.

MC HOST has been on the market for over 15 years, which speaks of its reliability. It is also worth noting its stable work, which is confirmed by good performance. When difficulties arise, technical support responds to customers as quickly as possible. Experts will help you quickly move your site and give you a month of free hosting. This will save you unnecessary hassle and make the transition as safe and comfortable as possible.

# 7  FOZZY

FOZZY is a popular hosting service that offers services at an affordable cost. It is chosen by both novice webmasters and experienced professionals. One of the advantages is the ease of operation of the service, distribution to a large number of countries and constant work with large companies.

Experts help to set up hosting, choose a domain or transfer an existing website. The resource allows you to solve many problems without special costs, including domain registration and SAMP hosting, dedicated server, SSL certificate, and reseller hosting.

FOZZY is presented in the Russian version for potential clients from the Russian Federation. Round-the-clock technical support works, popular payment systems have been added, the most popular in our country. This simplifies the process of transferring funds for services rendered because transactions for many selected options are carried out instantly.


SPACE WEB is a service that is often chosen as hosting for Minecraft servers. It has a lot of positive qualities and stands out among competitors for its stable work and absence of failures. Therefore, many users value it for its reliability. The administration offers new customers a test period of seven days. To activate it, you do not need to provide bank card details, so the user does not risk anything, even if he forgets about the subscription.

SPACE WEB locates servers in different countries, due to which high performance is achieved. Good quality of work of sites is ensured also thanks to advanced equipment and SSD drives. Hosting is activated instantly after paying for the selected tariff. It should also be noted that there is automatic backup storage, which is important for work


It is no coincidence that ADMINVPS is included in the ranking of the best places where you can host your site. It is renowned for its ease of operation and reliability. The absence of failures is achieved through the use of modern equipment and a well-thought-out system for placing it on the territories of various states. Despite a little experience in the field, the service attracted the attention of experienced specialists and managed to prove itself well in the market.

Many users choose ADMINVPS for its smooth operation, without noticing significant disadvantages. But sometimes there are complaints about the speed of response from technical support. This is an important point for solving the problems faced by the owners of online stores. Also among the disadvantages should be noted the presence of disk space limitations. Therefore, you should be more careful when choosing a suitable tariff.


EUROBITE offers potential clients the services of placing resources of any kind. A suitable tariff plan is selected based on the task at hand. Consultants help determine the required amount of disk space. The first free month allows you to evaluate all the benefits of working with the service, to make sure it works.

EUROBYT independently transfers sites to its hosting, which simplifies the process of changing the location and saves the owner from unnecessary trouble. If you pay for the year in advance, you can get a good discount, which is noted as an additional benefit.

Many companies today are looking for free hosting for the site, not realizing that this is just a gimmick of marketers. Since there is nothing in this world for which there would be no payment. The funds are transferred by companies that place advertisements in special blocks on the site. Users often complain that free hosting offers very limited hosting space and is unstable. Therefore, such hosting is mainly suitable for webmasters for training or posting landing pages.