The scalp is protected from external influences by a hydrolipidic film consisting of sebum. This natural lubricant spreads over the entire length of the hair, smoothing the scales and giving the strands shine and softness. Dirty hair is the result of a malfunctioning sebaceous gland, it begins to produce too much sebum. Its excess does not allow the roots to breathe, the curls become greasy, and untidy in appearance. What if the head is oily?


Oily hair requires special care. Their owners need to wash their hair daily. Usually, in the evening, the hairstyle becomes greasy at the roots, and the curls lose their volume and lightness. This type also has its advantages: the strands are almost not electrified, pliable to styling, and the ends do not split.

The condition of the skin and hairline is influenced by many external and internal factors, such as the environment, ecology, habitual care, hormones, lifestyle, etc. To normalize the condition of the strands and scalp, as well as effectively regulate the secretion of sebum, you will be helped by means for oily scalp … The composition of such funds should include the following components:

  • olamine, piroctone, salicylic acid;
  • herbal ingredients such as spirulina algae;
  • detoxifying ingredients such as absorbent corners;
  • vitamins A, C, and E;
  • selenium and zinc;
  • ceramides.


Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. A gentle massage of the scalp before washing will enhance blood circulation and the effect of the shampoo.
  2. Wash your hair with a little shampoo for oily hair. If you think that the foam is not enough, add water, not products.
  3. Lather, massage and rinse off immediately, do not leave the product on the strands for a long time.
  4. Do not massage the skin too hard, in any case, do not scratch the scalp with your nails, such microtrauma is very harmful.
  5. Use warm water, too hot dries out the epidermis, which will produce more sebum in response.
  6. Don’t rub the strands with a towel, just blot them.
  7. Choose a low temperature when using a hair dryer.


The main thing in caring for oily hair is to choose the right shampoo. It should be soft, pH neutral, paraben-free, and specially designed for this type. This product can be used as often as needed (for example, every day).

Among the Vichy range, there are several products that will help you achieve optimal results:

Dercos Regulatory Care Shampoo from Vichy. The product is designed to cleanse and restore the natural balance of sebum production, well slows down the spread of sebum, and noticeably increase the volume of strands. The composition includes salicylic acid, mineralizing thermal water Vichy, an active anti-sebum complex.

Dercos Nutrients Deep Cleansing Detox Shampoo, formulated with absorbent charcoal and spirulina algae extract, is renowned for its detoxifying properties, intensely cleanses hair and scalp from sebum, and protects against environmental contaminants for long-lasting freshness and lightness.

Due to the active components included in the shampoo, the agent slows down the formation of sebum, the strands rise at the roots, and become crumbly, and light.

Thermal water in the base is a significant plus, it soothes and softens the skin. Also, the right shampoo for oily hair should contain antibacterial components (for example, salicylic acid), as they tend to have an increased tendency to dandruff.