Hair can fall out for many reasons: heredity, infections, hormonal disorders, poor diet, stress or pregnancy. An accurate diagnosis will be made by a trichologist. But if you want to solve the problem yourself, follow the simple recommendations and use ampoules to restore them.


Various factors affect the health of curls. Among the external ones are frequent coloring, lightening or toning, straightening or curling, daily use of styling products, changes in air temperature, and washing more than five times a week. Internal factors include the use of harmful foods and alcohol, skipping meals, depression and stress, insomnia, anemia and vitamin deficiencies, as well as hormonal disorders and infectious diseases.

However, thanks to a number of recommendations, you can significantly improve the condition of your hair.


Firstly, do not dry the strands with a hairdryer, and also keep it at a distance of 10 cm from the head. Second, wash your hair two to three times a week using a caring and regenerating shampoo and conditioner. Make nourishing herbal masks once a week. Third, use wooden combs with sparse teeth that won’t scratch your scalp. Do not comb wet curls – in this state, they are weakened.

Be sure to read the labels before purchasing. A good shampoo should not contain parabens, low quality silicones (although they make the curls softer, but weaken them), alcohol-containing substances and sodium laureth sulfate. The content of the latter can be easily determined if the shampoo is very foaming. A quality shampoo should contain several lathering bases. Preferably at least ten. These surfactants form the optimal combination for a high-quality and gentle head cleansing. Remember to rinse your shampoo, balm and conditioner thoroughly to help the bulbs breathe better and grow hair faster. The water that flows from the tap in a large metropolis is not clean enough. Therefore, we recommend that you install special filters in the shower to improve the composition of the water.

Correctly selected quality shampoos combined with masks and conditioners can help restore hair. Apply the latter, stepping back 10 cm from the roots, to maintain the normal hydrolipidic balance of the skin.


To achieve an effective result, you need to use not only the usual means, such as shampoo and balm, but also pay attention to more innovative ones, for example, ampoules for restoring damaged strands.

Vichy also has regenerating ampoules for hair. They are suitable for sensitive scalp, hypoallergenic, paraben-free and designed to restore the density and strength of the curls. You can buy restoring ampoules at a pharmacy or on our official website.

The set of pharmacy ampoules Dercos includes a convenient applicator with which you can gently apply the product to dry scalp through partings. One single dose per day (1 ampoule), in the morning or in the evening, is enough to make them stronger, thicker and more beautiful after 90 days.


  1. Carefully open the ampoule with the nutrient solution, pour the contents into the palm of your hand or any convenient container (if the capsule does not have an applicator);
  2. Pre-comb the curls (if the solution is recommended to be applied to clean, dried strands, take care of this in advance), divide them into partings;
  3. Apply the contents of the ampoules over the entire length with gentle, smoothing movements, then comb with a thin comb, better distributing the product;
  4. If the solution can be used to care for the scalp, gently rub it along the partings into the root zone using the fingertips with light massaging movements;
  5. You can also add the nutrient solution to your shampoo, conditioner, or balm. The vitamin complex will enhance the beneficial properties of your cleanser or care product;
  6. For maximum effect, cover your head with cling film or a shower cap and put a hat or towel over it for a greenhouse effect. So the nutrients will penetrate deeper into the hair cuticle and have an improved effect.

Pharmacy ampoules include:

  • vitamins for nutrition;
  • keratins for aligning the structure and filling cracks in the hair cuticle;
  • proteins for thickening and imparting softness and volume;
  • collagens to restore lost health and natural cell balance.

A few more simple rules will help keep your hair healthy. Do not pull tight elastic bands around your hair, as this weakens the hair follicles and contributes to fragility. In addition to healthy food, take vitamin complexes. Calcium, zinc, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and iron are the most important elements. It is not difficult to follow these tips and use quality hair care products, and the result – restored healthy curls – will surely delight you.