How to upload a video to a status in WhatsApp

How to put music on WhatsApp status?

How to Put Music in WhatsApp Status: Method 1

  1. 1 – Open your music listening app – whether online or offline – favorites;
  2. 2 – Select the song you want to use for status recording and enable it for playback. …
  3. 3 – Open WhatsApp status;
  4. 4 – Press the green button;

How to put a video on a status in Watsap on an iPhone?

How to add Status (tell a story) to WhatsApp?

  1. Run the application and on the bottom panel go to the new section “Status”.
  2. Click on the “My Status” button (it will be located either in the center of the screen or in the upper right corner) to set a photo, video or animation as the status.

How to save video from WhatsApp status?

To save a photo or video of WhatsApp status on your smartphone, you just need to copy it to another location. To do this, simply select the photo or video you want to save. Now click “Copy” and then paste it into a folder that is in a different location.

How to set a photo to a status in WhatsApp?

To add a photo or video to the status, click on the camera icon. Record a video or take a photo. Add a signature if needed and click Submit. Status added.

How to add status to WhatsApp web?

How to set status in WhatsApp Web?

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner.
  2. A menu will open, allowing you to change your own photo, name and details – click the pencil symbol in the “Details” block.
  3. Come up with and write in a new status. …
  4. Save the text by clicking the checkmark.

How to add music to Instagram status?

To add music when loading a “story”, you need to click on the screen, bringing up a menu with stickers. A music icon will appear on this screen, with which you can open the track library. After selecting a song, the user can cut the desired piece to overlay on the “story”.

How to put a video from YouTube in the WhatsApp status?

Method 1: Send the link

  1. Launch YouTube and open the video you want. Click the arrow icon to open the Share window.
  2. Select the “WhatsApp” application from the list. …
  3. The application will be automatically launched, and you just have to select the user to whom you want to send the video.

How to see the status in Vatsap on an iPhone?

You already know how to view WhatsApp status!

On an iPhone:

  1. Open the tab with the same name and click on the desired video;
  2. There is an eye icon at the bottom of the screen;
  3. Click on it, a swipe up will automatically happen – you will see who watched the update.