How To Thicker Hair

Do you know at least one girl who would be one hundred percent happy with her hair? We are not. For some they are “too dry”, for others – “too fat”, for others – “banal straight lines”, for the fourth – “unbearably curly”. But most often they complain that there are few of them, and they are interested in how to make their hair thick.

How to strengthen and thicken hair at home

Increasing the amount of hair on your head is not an easy task. After all, adding hair follicles is possible only as a result of hair transplantation. But it is quite possible to strengthen their health by improving blood supply and nutrition to the scalp. As a result, hair loss and brittleness will decrease, and it will become more luxuriant, voluminous and beautiful. Where to begin? From the main thing – your own health.

Our expert, dermatocosmetologist, trichologist Maria Nevskaya says that hair can lose volume for various reasons, such as:

  • poor or unbalanced nutrition
    Hair is spoiled when the diet lacks fatty sea fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, unrefined vegetable oils and sources of vitamins B5 and B7 – meat offal, eggs, legumes, buckwheat, oatmeal, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables.
  • lack of moisture
    Many of us drink very little – no, not coffee and carbonated drinks, but ordinary water. Everyone has their own norm, but if there are no health problems, nutritionists recommend focusing on the volume at the rate of 30 ml of drinking water for each kilogram of weight. Are you sure you drink that much?
  • lack of protection
    Chlorinated water in the pool, hot curlers and curling irons, lack of headgear in cold winter and hot summer – all this spoils hair. In a situation with a pool, oil sera applied before the swim will save, and thermal protection neutralizes the harm from thermal pads.
  • improper
    hair care Although it is at the bottom of our list, it is one of the most common causes of poor hair appearance. Girls often do not use cosmetics quite correctly – for example, they do not wash off shampoo and conditioner well, go through it with indelible care. Or they simply use products that are not suitable for their hair type. “

Therefore, in order to increase the density of hair on the head in women, you need:

  • eat right and forget about hungry diets that deprive us of vitamins and many other useful substances;Hair loss: what to do
  • drink enough water;
  • maintain natural protection – protect hair from wind, chlorinated water, hot sun, frost and temperature extremes.

Basic care

Cosmetics will also help to visually thicken hair – strengthening, thickening shampoos and balms, products for thin hair. But they need to be used wisely! Shampoo, for example, should first be lather in the hands and only then applied to the scalp and hair roots. Then lightly massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers, without missing the area near the ears, nor the temporal, nor the occipital area, and, finally, rinse with water. Shampooing your head is definitely not worth it! It is also not necessary to lather the hair along the entire length: the foam flowing from the head is enough for them.

But the balm , on the contrary, is applied only to the curls, it is impossible to rub it into the scalp in any case. And you need to keep it on your hair exactly as much as it says on the package – no more, no less.

We at have chosen products that, in our opinion, will help make hair thick and voluminous. For convenience, we have divided the products into pairs “shampoo + balm”: together they work more efficiently.Fructis Firming Shampoo “Thick and Luxurious”, Garnier

Thanks to the specially developed fiber-cilan molecule, hair becomes denser and more voluminous every day. And pomegranate extract, known for its antioxidant properties, makes them strong and protected.

Fortifying balm-conditioner Fructis “Thick and luxurious”, Garnier

Those looking to make their hair thick and thick will surely love this balm. Solo in it is the same molecule fibracilan, which increases the volume and density of hair. And pomegranate extract helps her – protects hair, makes it stronger.

Elseve Thickening Shampoo, L’Oréal Paris

This shampoo, according to the editors, is the best answer to the question of how to make your hair thicker. The active ingredient of filoxan shampoo penetrates into the hair structure, making it noticeably thicker, fuller and more voluminous.

Additional care

Strengthening hair and making it thick at home is difficult without masks. These products are characterized by a thicker texture than balms and conditioners and a high content of active ingredients. The variety of masks is huge:

  • some products are intended only for hair and their ends, some can be applied both to the hair and scalp;
  • there are express masks and masks for applying under the cap;
  • universal masks are available and those that perform specific tasks – nourish, reconstruct, moisturize, add shine and volume to the hair.

But whatever they are, as a rule, they are used no more than 1-2 times a week, applied to damp hair, slightly dried with a towel, and kept no longer than indicated in the instructions.Intensively revitalizing mask Botanic Therapy “Ginger root and royal jelly”, Garnier

A mask for depleted, fine hair with ginger root and royal jelly strengthens the hair, energizes and transforms it. The curls are easier to comb, break less – and acquire a shine.

How to thicken your hair with salon care

The masters of studios and beauty salons are well aware of what to do to increase the density of hair. Salon treatments add volume, elasticity and strength to hair. “In different salons, such procedures are called differently (but always very poetic and inspiring – for example,“ Happiness for hair ”): serums with amino acids, keratin and proteins are applied to the curls, after which the hair becomes stronger, denser and thicker, – tells Maria Nevskaya… – Lamination of hair gives a visible effect of smoothness and thickening. But I do not recommend doing this procedure regularly: frequent lamination damages the hair, disrupting the bonds between keratin fibers. It is good to sign up for such a procedure before a beach vacation, so that on the seaside your hair lies perfectly and obediently fits, and also tolerates salt water well. “

Beauty tips: how to make your hair thicker and thicker

Is it possible to increase hair density in a short time? If at least a month is considered a short period, then – perhaps. And then it must be borne in mind that hair grows about a centimeter in a month. However, making them visually thicker and thicker is really possible faster. We give advice proven by the editors.

  1. Massage your scalp regularly to improve blood circulation in the scalp and thus nourish the hair roots.
  2. 3Consult a specialist who can find the right hair vitamin complex for you.
  3. fourPractice aroma combing – you will need a drop of your favorite essential oil and a wooden or natural bristle comb.
  4. fiveChange the parting. Instead of straight, make a side. If combing your hair to the left, try styling it to the right. You will see, the hairstyle will appear more voluminous.
  5. 6Try on the waves. Using curlers or curling irons (be sure to apply thermal protection to your hair before styling), style the curls in light waves. They will add splendor to the hairstyle.
  6. 7Get a haircut that suits you. A well-executed “bob” or “cascade” will add visual volume to the hair.
  7. eightColoring certainly does not contribute to the thickness of the hair, but some types of complex coloring and well-chosen color combinations make the hair visually lush.
  8. nineSleep on silk or satin pillowcases. By reducing friction, the hair on them does not get tangled or injured. This means they look healthier.

What is hair balm

Hair balm is a care product that is applied immediately after shampooing. Its main tasks are to take care of the curls, moisturize and nourish them, and facilitate combing.As a result of washing, the scales of the hair cuticle are lifted and the hair becomes extremely vulnerable. In addition, the alkaline environment of some detergents creates a negative charge on the hair – hence the stiffness, tangled, brittle hair after shampooing. Balm-conditioner for hair is just created in order to prevent all these troubles.

Since the conditioner is applied to freshly washed hair, it makes sense to choose the right shampoo in advance. Do it now with our test.

How does the conditioner balm work?

It literally in a few minutes gives the hair softness, shine and silkiness , detangles it. How does he do it? Due to its special composition:

  • cationic surfactants, positively charged particles, are attracted to negatively charged hair, enveloping them and thus smoothing the scales – the hair becomes protected, smooth and manageable;
  • acidifying agents (for example, citric acid) neutralize alkali, restore the pH balance on the hair surface;
  • hydrating agents attract and retain moisture, preventing dehydration, dry hair;
  • silicones smooth hair, create an additional protective layer;
  • oils nourish, “lock” moisture, give curls shine, softness and silkiness.

The composition of balms can include plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and oils in various combinations. The choice of the best balm is largely determined by these details.