How to Grow Long, Thick Hair: Tips & Tricks

On average, the growth rate of curls is about 0.4 cm per day. But how to grow thick scalp hair in a short time? Many girls and women are concerned about this issue. To solve this problem, you should pay attention to a number of factors:

  • what kind of lifestyle you lead;
  • age;
  • general condition of the immune system;
  • diet;
  • various individual characteristics.

Ladies usually grow hair faster than men. The time of day also plays a role – in the daytime, the rate of regrowth increases, the same applies to the season – in the spring, the most favorable conditions are created for growing lush hair.

Even if you remove all the negative factors that contribute to growth retardation, a person can grow strands by only 1-1.5 cm per month. Over a year, achieving a length of more than 20 cm will be problematic.

Not everyone is satisfied with such a result, but is there any secret that will answer the question – how to quickly grow very long hair at home? There are a number of ways using which you can not only increase the length of the hairline, but also make your hair thicker and healthier.

Several important recommendations

Before considering effective methods in practice, a number of significant points should be clarified. Here are some guidelines to follow to maximize your benefits.

  1. To increase the intensity of growth, you can use a number of special procedures and masks that affect the bulbs. The presence of a sufficient amount of vitamins plays an important role in this.
  2. Healing procedures should be carried out regularly and try to reduce the negative impact on the already regrown curls.

Only an integrated approach will allow you to achieve a truly impressive result. It is not enough just to grow long strands, it is important to properly care for them so that the positive trends in their development are preserved.

What can interfere with normal growth

There are several reasons for which you should pay special attention:

  • incorrectly selected care products;
  • too frequent trimming of the ends;
  • regular staining;
  • the presence of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension;
  • sleep problems;
  • low water consumption;
  • frequent use of an iron or curling iron;
  • a number of medications;
  • depression and constant feelings of stress.

How to grow long and healthy hair

To solve this problem, you need to use the listed tips.

Cosmetic oils

This method is one of the simplest and most common. Mustard, olive, peach, burdock and other oils allow not only to activate hair growth, but also perfectly care for them.

For maximum effect, apply the selected product over the entire length of the curls and leave for several hours. The substances in the oil supply the strands with all the necessary elements and vitamins, which stimulates growth and makes the structure stronger. The normalization of the work of the sebaceous glands is also achieved, dandruff is eliminated, and the cutting of the tips is prevented.

Most often, essential oils are used in combination with some other methods: inversion, massage, and so on. We’ll look at each of them below. If you are the owner of the dry type, be sure to comb them thoroughly after applying the product. Please note that when using oils, you need to be careful with those who have dyed strands. When applied, the artificial pigment is washed out faster.


Due to the intensive effect on the scalp, blood circulation around the hair follicles is enhanced. It is important to massage only with your fingertips or using a special massager. As for the number of sessions, there are no restrictions: the more often the better.

It is most effective to massage with essential oils.

Inversion method

This approach is quite popular among Western beauties and attracts many with its simplicity and amazing effectiveness. You just need to lower your head down to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, apply oil to your hair and massage the skin intensively for several minutes.

This “triple stimulation” makes it possible to significantly accelerate growth. In 1 month, you can achieve 2-4 cm, which is two times more than the usual indicators.

Greenhouse effect

Another method that has become popular with us thanks to the west. Here it is important to create the most appropriate environment for an active increase in hair.

  1. First you need to apply any cosmetic oil to your head. It is important that the product gets on the strands, and not just on the skin.
  2. Owners of long hair need to braid or twist strands to make it more comfortable.
  3. You need to put on a shower cap or a regular plastic bag on your head. It is important to create an impervious shell.
  4. Now we leave everything as it is for a long time, ideally for the whole night.
  5. Then wash off the oil with shampoo.

Ideally, this procedure should be repeated several times a week. A moist environment is formed under the polyethylene shell, body heat increases blood flow, sweating allows harmful substances to be removed from the skin.

The greenhouse effect is ideal for improving the condition of the hair. However, you can find a lot of reviews and that this method can significantly accelerate growth.


This method is somewhat similar to the previous one, but it still has some fundamental differences. The principle is as follows:

  1. A moisturizer is applied to the hair.
  2. The head is covered with a plastic bag and left for several hours.
  3. For best results, you can wrap a towel over the top of the bag.

The essence of the method is that the moisture does not evaporate, but intensively moisturizes the scalp. Plus, the temperature actively affects the hair follicles and the condition of the entire hair. A similar method is more suitable for healing damaged curls.

To figure out how to grow long and thick hair, you need to consider all the possible ways. There are also special masks that you can prepare yourself. They accelerate the growth of hair.

Let’s consider the most popular and effective ones.

Olive oil mask

A fairly simple recipe that is perfect for owners of dry and damaged curls. If you have very oily hair, another option is better.

You only need one ingredient – the oil itself. Before you go to wash your hair, apply the product to the ends of the strands and thoroughly smear the roots. Wait 20-30 minutes, then you can go to the shower.

Cognac mask

For cooking, you need 20 ml of brandy, about 60 ml of onion juice and 80 ml of burdock root tincture. Once all the ingredients have been mixed, it is an excellent remedy for dull and dry hair.

It is used by thoroughly rubbing it into the epidermis, it is important to distribute the product over the entire length of the hair. At the end of the procedure, you need to put a bag on your head or wrap it with a towel. Soak for 1 hour, then rinse.

Onion mask

A great way to stop hair loss and make sore hair stronger and shinier. Not only is the recipe simple enough, but it can also be prepared very quickly.

We take the onion and grate it, with the help of gauze, carefully squeeze out all the juice and use it to rub into the scalp. Cover the smeared hair with a towel and leave for several hours. Then we wash it off. To achieve a positive effect, you need to apply such a mask at least 2 times a week and do it for 1-2 months.

Preservation of already regrown length

After reaching the required length, you need to focus on maintaining the health and strong structure of the curls. Otherwise, you will have to regularly trim the ends, thereby shortening the haircut at a slow pace. Next, we will consider some of the factors that most often lead to damage to the structure of curls, and also determine how to eliminate them.

Washing too often

Many women do not give this procedure any negative impact, but in reality, if we wash our hair too often, we remove the natural fatty membrane from the strands, which protects the cover from the rapid loss of moisture and negative environmental influences. Such treatment is unacceptable even for oily hair, and if we talk about dry hair, then everything can end sadly.

A lot of girls try to wash their hair as often as possible, because clean curls become fresh and “fluffy”. This is an obvious desire, but in reality, you need to let the hair become greasy before washing.

Always choose only those shampoos that are perfect for your particular type of strand. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to chase fashionable and expensive brands, use organic cosmetics or shampoos that are sold in pharmacies. Try to choose care products from the same manufacturer, as in this case they will complement each other.

If frequent washing is an urgent need for you, then choose at least special shampoos, they are labeled “suitable for frequent washing.”

Drying with a hairdryer

In some cases, the use of hot air is really necessary, but try to keep the use of a hair dryer to a minimum. If so necessary, turn on the “cold” mode. Styling with an iron and curling iron also negatively affects the hair structure. And talking about a perm or bleaching is not at all worth it – these procedures are strongly discouraged.


To reduce the negative effect of using paint, try to use basma and henna. You can find tinted shampoos on sale that will also help achieve the desired effect. Ammonia-free paints are less harmful.


It is best to use soft combs as they do less damage. Wood products without sharp corners are ideal. If you have dry and long hair, use sparse-toothed brushes.

When combing your hair is problematic, do not pull the comb. Just start tracing the comb from the very tips and slowly work your way up to the roots. If small knots are found, it is best to untangle them with your hands. Remember that wet strands are more brittle, so wait for them to dry before brushing.

Other factors

  1. If you often do your hairstyles, then it is better to use hairpins and elastic bands that do not cling to and do not tear the curls for fixing. Plastic is the best material, fabric cover for the elastic is a must.
  2. Braid your hair overnight to help keep it tangle-free and get dirty more slowly. It is only important not to braid the strands too much so that the scalp can rest.
  3. You need to trim the ends, but it’s best not to do it too often. In this case, a very small length should be captured.

Power features

A lot has been written about how to properly grow beautiful long hair, but all this concerned only external factors. Pay special attention to the internal aspects, because the intensity of growth and health of the strands depends on them.

It is important to always maintain the correct amount of essential minerals and vitamins. To do this, it is worth developing a balanced diet. The foods you eat should not only be healthy, but also varied. Get plenty of protein as it is the main building block for curls.

If we talk about minerals and vitamins, then the following are important:

  1. Group B – they respond to thickness and gloss. Eggs, milk and various legumes can be used as a source of these vitamins.
  2. D – is necessary for the normalization of the functioning of the hair follicle. It is found in mushrooms, fatty fish, liver.
  3. You can’t do without iron. It allows you to provide oxygen access to the strands, which accelerates their growth. Foods such as spinach, beans, apples, or egg yolks are rich in this element.
  4. Zinc – if you are actively involved in the gym or regularly undergo high physical activity, then replenishing the amount of this element in the body is extremely important. Turkey meat, chocolate and pumpkin seeds will help with this.

Diets are not the only way to solve the problem. The use of special vitamin complexes is also effective.

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Before you start taking this or that drug, it will be useful to consult with your doctor. It is better not to take risks, because an excess of any elements can lead to excessive loss and other negative consequences.

Summing up

In this article, we have proposed a lot of effective and proven methods that will help you figure out how to quickly grow long hair at home. But in addition, it is worth considering medications designed to activate the growth of hair on the scalp.

In any pharmacy you can find such products, but whether to use them or not is only your decision. Study all the side effects in advance and think about whether to resort to a similar method. If there are any serious problems with the growth of hair, you need to consult a trichologist.

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