How to Edit Videos on Android – KineMaster Mini Review

It’s no secret that Android smartphones are mini-computers adapted for a touchscreen. And computers, even mini ones, are versatile tools. So versatile that you can even run Windows there. But what about multimedia tasks? How to edit videos on Android and can you do it as efficiently as on PC? Yes you can, thanks to KineMaster.

KineMaster – the answer to the question of how to edit videos on Android

For starters, for me, effective video editing in general. This is not professional processing with subtle color grading, a bunch of plugins, super chroma key, and so on. I mean the level of, say, Movie Maker 13, that is, a certain set of basic functions. Note – I said “a certain set”, since there are actually a lot of basic functions.

This is adding text of arbitrary size, duration and with a bunch of fonts, and working with multiple layers, and stickers, and basic effects like mirroring, wavy, blurring and pixelation, simple animation, overlaying music – all of this that I have listed is in all self-respecting video editors. On a PC, of course. There are only a couple of these “powerful” tools on Android – and KineMaster is among them.

This program is free, although there is also a paid version, about which a little later. It allows you to turn all of the above and even more, if you often visit the built-in multimedia store. First, we select the main video file, select one of the four themes, three main text files (intro, middle part and end) and finally the musical accompaniment.

How to work in KineMaster

The main step is only the video file – the rest can be safely skipped and added already on the direct editing track. And if you do not even want to make a project step by step, do not choose “Project Assistant”, select “Empty Project”, and you will only get a bare track, which you yourself will fill in with everything you need.

In general, I want to answer the question of how to edit video on Android – easy and simple! It’s all about the design of KineMaster, which will easily plug any video editor on the PC into the belt without any problems. All functions here fit on one screen, you can add an additional layer with text, effect and whatever, you can add your own multimedia file, record a separate voice track or draw a cute face on the picture by hand. And then animate this thing in the form of rain!

However, not everything is so smooth. Due to its external simplicity and ease of use, KineMaster does not explain some aspects, and artificially limits others. First, the topics. This, as it turned out, is a certain set of animations that are tied to the same three text files. When creating a project, this is not obvious. Next – the trouble with the audio. You can’t add your own MP3 file, at least – I haven’t found a way.

All audio, except for voice recording directly in the program, must be extracted from the internal collection of audio files. It seems to be bad, but! The audio files offered are highly variable and are offered by the partner Muserk. Using them removes the KineMaster watermark on the free version – also, as I understand it, the partner is very kind in terms of copyright, and YouTube will not block videos with his music. But I will not guarantee it.

Now – regarding the versions of the program. Free is free, but the videos will be watermarked and most of the content (postscript “top tier”) in the media store will not be available. To get rid of the watermark and get full access to everything, you will need to pay either $ 2 per month or $ 17 for a lifetime subscription – which also gives faster technical support. In my opinion, a monthly subscription is optimal if you are not sure that you will be editing on your smartphone all the time.

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How to change the status in WhatsApp and put a new picture?

How to change the status in WhatsApp and upload another image, what should I do? We have prepared a selection of tips and instructions – we are ready to rush to the rescue and discover new possibilities of the familiar messenger.

What do we have to do

Let’s try together to change the status in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. The instructions for different operating systems do not differ significantly: all discrepancies will be indicated separately. Getting started? To change your status in Watspap, do the following:

  • Open the WhatsApp messenger;
  • Click on the tab with the appropriate name – on Android you can find it at the top, on iPhone – on the bottom panel on the left;
  • The screen will display the current state posted earlier (within a day).

Users have several actions available to change their status photo on WhatsApp:

  • You can upload a new image / gif / text in WhatsApp additionally;
  • You can delete the old history and replace it with a new one.

First, let’s talk about deleting – if you want to understand how to change the status in WhatsApp completely, the instructions will come in handy:

  • Click on the line “My” to go to the settings;
  • Or click on three points that are in the history line;
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Delete” item ;
  • Confirm the action.

You got rid of the annoying image or video – now you can talk about how to change the photo in the status in WhatsApp. We load new content as follows:

  • Open the messenger and go to the section of the same name;
  • Click on the circle with the avatar;
  • Choose a photo from the gallery or take a picture with a camera online;
  • If necessary, add a signature, emoticon or sticker, overlay the text and click on the blue airplane.

There is another option – choose the method you like:

  • Open the familiar Watsap menu and click on the camera icon if you need to change the image;
  • Choose a picture from the gallery or take a picture with the camera;
  • At the top there are editing buttons – you can crop, overlay text, add stickers and emoji;
  • Click on the blue button as soon as you finish editing.

If you want to change the story with the text, click on the pencil.

Our tips will help you change your status photo in Watsap – choose cool pictures, share your mood with friends and colleagues. If necessary, you can always make adjustments, our review will come to the rescue!