How to choose a fitness bracelet

Buying a smartwatch or fitness tracker bracelet is a fashion trend. Today, such gadgets are purchased not only by athletes, but also by those who want to look stylish and modern. Often, such buyers pay attention only to the brand and appearance of the watch, while skipping the selection by technical characteristics and a set of functions.

health bracelet can become not only a stylish accessory. He is able to help in planning time, tracking the effectiveness of physical activity, drawing up a training plan. The article provides a list of the best fitness bracelets according to Among the options offered, it is easy to choose the model that will be the best for you.

Types of smartwatches and criteria for choosing them

First, it is worth determining whether the watch will be used only for training and in free time, or will become an everyday gadget. For convenient use, you need to choose the right type of operating system, case and strap material, a set of built-in applications and connected equipment, the ability to receive calls and contactless payments.

How a smartwatch differs from a fitness tracker

A smartwatch has almost all the features of a low-cost smartphone. They can:

  • Receive calls and SMS;
  • Track and send geodata;
  • Show time and date;
  • Connect to Wi-Fi for payments.

A smart bracelet with a heart rate monitor or a fitness tracker may have the same options, but it is more focused on tracking the internal indicators of the body – heart rate, respiratory rate, number of steps taken. A clock, calendar, timer and other integrated applications are used for time management when drawing up a training plan, helping to track athletic performance.

Varieties of fitness tracker watches

The main groups include:

  • Classic options are suitable for mobile people who need to always be in touch. They are fully synchronized with the smartphone, display information about SMS, calls, and scheduled meetings on the dial.
  • Children’s options are needed more by parents than by children, as they allow tracking the location of the child, which ensures his safety. Here, the quality of the GSM signal and the ability to search for a device in a disconnected state are important.
  • A fitness tracker or sports watch always comes with a pedometer and heart rate monitor. Additionally, there may be an option for monitoring heart rate, monitoring sleep, oxygen consumption and other indicators important for training. Such watches must be durable and not be afraid of accidental mechanical impact.

Several subgroups can be distinguished in each category, but this is not so important. When choosing the best fitness tracker, it will be more practical to pay attention to durable straps and attachment points, the presence of a display and its dimensions, the number of built-in sensors and a compatible OS, the ability to connect to a wireless network. It is also important to study the level of dust and moisture resistance of the gadget, resistance to physical impact.

TOP 9 models of the best fitness bracelets of 2021

TOP fitness bracelets are compiled taking into account the number of built-in functions, as well as depending on the cost and general technical characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Compact gadget adapted for Russian users. Equipped with a 1.1 ″ functional touch screen with a resolution of 126 × 294, which allows you to see information about calls and SMS. Among the pluses:

  • The glass is durable, not prone to scratches;
  • The options have a calorie counter, physical activity;
  • The watch is capable of driving a compatible music player.

The disadvantages include:

  • turning off the monitor in contact with water;
  • lack of GPS;
  • lack of a quality alarm clock.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The best fitness tracker for those who are active in any weather. The gadget is well protected from water and dust, the screen is equipped with tempered glass. An additional plus is the possibility of battery life up to 20 hours. Also noted:

  • The presence of a calorie counter, heart rate and level of physical activity;
  • Ability to work with all versions of Android and iOS;
  • The laconic design makes the bracelet suitable for both men and women.


  • Due to the small screen, the text of notifications is almost illegible, so you still have to use a smartphone.

HONOR Band 5 fitness bracelet

The choice of this fitness tracker is often made by professional athletes. The gadget is equipped with a blood oxygen level meter, sleep monitoring, is not afraid of water, and recognizes up to 10 types of various physical activities. Additional benefits:

  • Small touch screen allows you to read notifications even in bright sun;
  • Many counters and sensors to track the quality of sleep, breathing and physical activity;
  • The model is lightweight yet durable – it can be worn in the pool, on a run, in weightlifting classes.

The only problem:

  • lack of GPS.

The disadvantage is not critical if the bracelet is not planned as a gift for the child.

HUAWEI Band 4 fitness bracelet

A budget and powerful tracker will be an excellent assistant in monitoring your physical activity. The model can work without recharging for up to 6 days; you do not need to buy additional stations to charge the battery.

  • Touch TFT-monitor allows you to see information about calls, does not glare;
  • Weighing 12 g, the model is equipped with calorie and heart rate counters, a pedometer, monitors sleep and physical activity, controls the phone’s camera and player;
  • The sports bracelet with heart rate monitor contains 9 training modes with optimal settings.

The disadvantages include:

  • the inability to use the gadget in the rain or for water sports.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 fitness bracelet

The technology is suitable for those who not only go in for sports, but also monitor their health in other aspects. The difference between the model and similar ones is the presence of stress monitoring. Another advantage is the Body Battery – a function that monitors the energy level of a particular organism. Additional advantages include:

  • Small touch screen that does not spoil the look of the watch and shows notifications from the smartphone;
  • Ability to work with all phones based on Android or iOS;
  • Availability of automatic optimization of counters for user characteristics, which saves time and simplifies configuration.

Small flaws of the model:

  • lack of a GPS navigator;
  • no sync with phone location.

Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar fitness bracelet

An economical model with a wide range of options and a large display will suit mainly men. The monitor can work with three brightness modes and uses many settings, which will be useful in poor lighting or for people with low vision. Pros of the gadget:

  • In addition to a pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie counter and physical activity, there is an oxygen level sensor;
  • The price of the model is significantly lower than that of more well-known competitors;
  • The watch works with all versions of mobile OS, as well as with basic applications: phone, camera, music player.

The disadvantages include:

  • inconvenient interface;
  • non-standard software set. 

Given the advantages, the controls can quickly get used to.

Bizzaro F560 fitness bracelet

Quite massive, but compact model. Its dimensions are due to the high-quality battery, which allows you to do without recharging for up to 7 days. The gadget has atypical functions – measuring ECG and blood pressure. Positive qualities of the model:

  • Equipped with a convenient 0.96 ″ screen with a resolution of 128 × 64, which allows you to track all notifications;
  • Compatible with iPhones and regular smartphones, watch apps can be downloaded from official stores;
  • In addition to ECG and blood pressure, it measures heart rate, calories, sleep quality, and the level of physical activity.

Small drawback:

  • does not always respond to raising the arm. 

To correct the minus, it is enough to abruptly lower the hand and raise it again to the eyes.

iBest B1

For its price, the gadget can be called a multifunctional and profitable purchase. The model is designed for a long time without recharging thanks to the presence of a 90mAh battery, which lasts for 5 days with a charge of up to 2 hours. The plastic case with the inclusion of TPU and ABS materials is not prone to scratches or chips. Pros:

  • High-quality display 0.96 ″ with a resolution of 80×160 and TFT-coating against glare;
  • The presence of a special Wearfit application for monitoring the work of watches in Android and iOS stores;
  • Support for accelerometer, heart rate counter, flash memory, wireless communication.

This model has no drawbacks.

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Qumann QSB 10

The compact tracker is characterized by the presence of standard meters and options:

  • Controls sleep and physical activity;
  • Equipped with a screen for displaying call messages;
  • Equipped with a high-quality battery and a low price.

Among the negative aspects, users noted:

  • poor fastening of the strap, due to which the watch may break off.

Before choosing a fitness bracelet, analyze what sports you prefer, what sensors and indicators you will track through the tracker. Appearance plays a big role – just having a watch on your wrist will motivate you to exercise or other physical activity, but do not forget about the technical components. A review of fitness bracelets will help you quickly determine the main functions of gadgets, their features and prices.