Healthy eating for men

The basic principles of a healthy lifestyle are familiar to everyone: you need to maintain a balance of nutrients, drink enough fluids and make sure that there are enough vitamins and minerals in the diet. But proper nutrition for men has its own characteristics, which are associated with metabolism and hormonal levels.

Features of the male diet

Male metabolism differs significantly from female metabolism due to hormones. The main one is testosterone. He is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics, regulates the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The male hormone is involved in the division of red blood cells and their saturation with hemoglobin. Therefore, men develop anemia less often than women, and the hemoglobin rate is higher.

Testosterone affects stress resistance, body fat distribution, and muscle mass. With sufficient concentration, a man has a high libido, is sexually active and hardy. But with a decrease in the synthesis of the hormone in the testes, the entire body suffers.

Testosterone production depends on many factors, proper nutrition is one of them. For the normal synthesis of the hormone, cholesterol is necessary, so it cannot be completely excluded from the diet. But an excess of animal fats and simple carbohydrates, which lead to obesity, is also dangerous. In this case, in the adipose tissue, testosterone is converted into estrogens – female sex hormones, which deal a blow to potency.

Male characteristics include increased metabolism. Therefore, it is easier for them than for women to lose weight, but they need more calories, vitamins and minerals to maintain health. The need is influenced by the age and occupation of a man. An approximately inactive lifestyle requires the following amount of energy: v

  • 18-30 years old – 2400 kcal;
  • 31-50 years old – 2200 kcal;
  • over 50 years old – 1800 kcal.

Those who lead a more active lifestyle, exercise periodically, need to increase the calorie content by 200-300 kcal. If a man plays sports, physically works hard, then the need for calories increases to 3000 at a young age, but decreases to 2400 after 50 years.

Basic rules of healthy eating for men

It is believed that the basis of the male diet is meat. This is partly correct, meat products contain a large amount of protein and essential amino acids, which are not found in plant foods. But an excess of protein food is harmful to men’s health, it is necessary to adhere to the rule – 1 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. But these should be high-quality natural products, not semi-finished products.

Many people ignore vegetables and fruits, leaving potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes as an exception. But plant foods are good for your health. It is a source of many vitamins, minerals, and ballast substances – fiber, which ensures normal digestion, protects against the development of constipation. For those who have a tendency to have problems with bowel movements, and the food is low in fiber, you can supplement the diet with fiber capsules.

The amount of fat should be small, it must be remembered that cholesterol is needed for men’s health. To maintain the prostate, preserve sexual function, protect blood vessels and the heart, the nervous system, it is necessary that omega-3 and omega-6 acids are present in the diet. Most of them are found in vegetable oils, fatty fish, nuts, wheat germ. But you can take ready-made:

  • fish oil concentrate;
  • complex of omega-3, 6, 9 acids; v
  • Orihiro Omega-3 capsules.

Every day, the menu should contain foods rich in vitamins and trace elements involved in sperm production and testosterone production. These substances include zinc, selenium, vitamin C, E and group B. The need for them increases several times if a man has bad habits – smoking or he abuses alcohol. Then it will not be possible to fill the deficit with nutrition alone, it is necessary to take special vitamin complexes:

  • Evalar Effex;
  • Superum;
  • Unitex;
  • Alphabet.

Products harmful to men’s health

To maintain health, it is necessary to exclude foods that are harmful to the body from the diet. Meat is a favorite food for men, but it must be natural. Sausages, sausages, fast food contain a lot of hidden fat and trans fats. They disrupt metabolism, damage blood vessels and lead to obesity.

Smoked meats, and foods rich in dyes, preservatives, and artificial flavors do not belong to healthy food. Therefore, any prepared food should be excluded from the diet. Better to take the time and prepare a complete meal.

Sweet and starchy foods are also harmful products. It is a source of simple carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and stored as subcutaneous fat. Such inaccuracies in nutrition lead to the development of obesity, and metabolic syndrome, which includes hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus and vascular atherosclerosis.

Alcoholic drinks, which are often abused by men, are also harmful to health. They disrupt the liver, lead to the accumulation of harmful metabolic products in the blood. Beer contains phytoestrogens – plant analogs of female hormones that cause potency disorders and female obesity. Sometimes losing weight does not help restore sexual function. But herbal tablets Loveton help in this.

Healthy foods

To draw up the right nutritional program, you need to take healthy foods as a basis. By alternating between different types of protein foods, including the amount of fat and carbohydrates you need, you can maintain your health and improve your well-being.

The following food is considered useful for men:

  • lean meats – veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit;
  • fatty fish – herring, trout, mackerel, salmon;
  • fermented milk products – cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream, low-fat cream;
  • seafood – shrimps, crabs, octopuses, as well as crayfish;
  • vegetable food – any vegetables and fruits;
  • nuts, mushrooms.

Milk can also be included in your diet, it is a healthy food. But some adults have an intolerance to milk protein, which is manifested by diarrhea. Therefore, whole milk should be treated with caution.

How to make a weekly diet for a man

A properly composed nutritional plan will allow you to maintain an optimal balance of nutrients, and vitamins and not feel hungry. Therefore, during the day, you need at least 4-5 meals approximately every 3 hours.

Breakfast should be hearty and contain enough protein and carbohydrates. Moreover, the protein should be easily absorbed. Therefore, in the morning you can cook an omelet, scrambled eggs, porridge in milk, curd casserole. Sandwiches with sausage, and butter cannot be called proper nutrition.

The next meal can be a snack 2 hours after breakfast. It is enough at this time to drink kefir, yogurt, eat fruit. For lunch, you need to get the main amount of calories and nutrients. Therefore, they use recipes for hearty meat dishes, offal. Lunch plans can be made for the week. It might look like this:

  • Monday – chicken breast with stewed vegetables;
  • Tuesday – baked veal with mashed potatoes;
  • Wednesday – fish steak with rice;
  • Thursday – risotto with chicken and vegetables;
  • Friday – pasta with a chop of any meat;
  • Saturday – chicken liver with buckwheat;
  • Sunday – baked mackerel with vegetable stew.

You don’t have to eat soup every day to eat right. This dish is healthy, but too strong broth can be bad for your digestion. But be sure to add any vegetable salad to lunch. If you can’t cook dinner at home, you have to go to a cafe, it is better to give preference to those establishments where homemade food is prepared.

For an afternoon snack, you can prepare a salad of fresh or boiled vegetables, cottage cheese dishes, fruits, or dairy products. Dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime so that the food eaten is not deposited in the form of fat, and the stomach has time to digest the food. For dinner, it is recommended to choose simple dishes, do not eat heavy fatty and fried foods, and protein foods. It is better to give preference to carbohydrates – cereals, vegetables, and fermented milk products.

You need to eat regularly, hunger is also harmful to the body, like overeating. Do not forget about the drinking regimen. The average man needs 1.5 liters of fluid per day, but with increased loads, when working under the scorching sun, the amount of water increases significantly.

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Diet food

In some cases, nutritional rules change. If a man needs to lose weight, he needs an effective diet. It is aimed at controlling calorie intake and reducing the amount of fat, sugars, and foods that increase appetite. At the same time, it is necessary to increase physical activity. For men who want to lose weight, it is important to introduce L-lysine into the diet, which controls carbohydrate metabolism. L-arginine will help to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system when overweight and maintain sexual function.

The diet is not accompanied by a decrease in the number of meals, otherwise, the feeling of hunger will appear. You just need to reduce the energy value by including more vegetables and fruits in the menu.

When following a diet for weight loss, it is better to draw up a diet for a week and adhere to it carefully. This will allow you to keep the calorie content of food, control weight, and avoid unhealthy foods. But we should not forget that food is only one of the components of a healthy lifestyle, which includes giving up bad habits, being physically active, and getting enough time to rest.