Stress, bad ecology, climate change, unbalanced diet, hormonal problems – there are many reasons why hair suddenly begins to fall out. First, you need to exclude the most serious ones, and for this it would be good to take a blood test. If, according to the doctor, there is no particular cause for concern, it makes sense to think about your lifestyle. Someone will simply give up: indeed, we cannot stop being nervous, there is always only useful stuff or move to the Maldives for the sake of good ecology. Someone will go to the pharmacy to buy anti-hair loss shampoo.


Doctors, however, believe that shampoo is not a solution. “It is important to remember,” says trichologist Svetlana Volbin, “that to reduce hair loss it is not enough to use a tonic anti-hair loss shampoo, it is imperative to undergo a course of treatment using ampoules with aminexil. To strengthen the roots, improve the condition of the hair, as well as to stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp, it is necessary to use one ampoule daily for six weeks. “

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The product, developed by French scientists, strengthens the hair structure and stimulates hair growth from the roots, fixing the hair in the scalp. It prevents collagen from hardening – this is how nutrients are delivered to the hair follicle without any obstacles. Aminexil is found in some shampoos and other hair loss products. But the capsule shampoo is much more effective: thanks to the convenient applicator, the scalp and hair follicle receive aminexil directly “delivered to your home.”

“The secret of Dercos Aminexil capsules is also that they act simultaneously on the hair follicle, scalp and hair itself due to the addition of arginine and vitamins, and the Vichy thermal water, on the basis of which this product is created, soothes and protects the skin from harmful effects. – explains the trichologist. “After hair loss has stopped, we usually recommend using ampoules with stemoxidin to restore hair growth and return to its former thickness.”

Stemoxidin, the active ingredient of Dercos Neogenic, awakens dormant follicles – and this component of the complex is crucial for hair growth.

Most often, we are not ready to change the lifestyle that has caused hair loss, but with the help of Vichy Dercos hair loss capsules, we can help the body cope with this problem, and at the same time get rid of complexes and anxieties.