Despite the popularity of homemade burdock oil masks, science recognizes only one group of really working substances for hair loss – minoxidil and its derivatives. With one of the last – aminexil – scientists have been experimenting for ten years, trying to create an ideal active molecule that would meet the modern requirements of trichology.

In this article, we will tell you what this substance is capable of, how to choose care with it, and whether it is possible with the help of aminexil alone to stop baldness in women and men.


This chemical compound is deservedly considered one of the best remedies for different types of alopecia. The action of aminexil is directed directly at the mechanism of hair loss.

This process begins with fibrosis: excess collagen accumulates in the scalp around the hair root, which gradually leads to its compaction and proliferation of connective tissue. Collagen “squeezes” the capillaries, as a result of which the formation of hair in the bulb stops, and even if it does germinate, it will be weakened and will soon fall out. Aminexil prevents fibrosis and stops hair thinning.


The anti-fibrotic effect of aminexil made this substance the main ingredient in cosmetics for hair prone to hair loss. It is generally accepted that problems with the collagen membranes of hair follicles are especially typical for men, since excess collagen is often formed under the influence of androgen – testosterone. For this reason, treatments with aminexil were originally created for men with thinning hair.

A little later, it turned out that in women, under the influence of even mild hormonal disruptions, testosterone can trigger a similar process, causing weakening of the hair follicles and thinning of the hair shaft. Since then, the aminexil molecule has remained a universal element of therapy for men and women against alopecia.

Means with aminexil and a number of other active substances show even greater versatility: they stop hair loss of any etiology (seasonal, stressful, androgenetic, deficient, etc.).

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the hair loss treatment protocol from the Vichy experts.


During menopause, when hair falls out more actively, and the anagen phase, that is, the growth of the hair shaft, becomes shorter, not only means to prevent alopecia are needed, but also care products that stimulate the growth of new hair – in this case, stemoxidin will be the best solution.

The time for aminexil comes much earlier – up to 30 years.


There are various formats for hair products with aminexil: sprays, ampoules, lotions, serums, washable and leave-in products with different textures and consistencies. Even shampoos and conditioners often contain this compound in ranges for intensive restoration of hair density.


If the effect of minoxidil on hair growth was a real surprise to scientists, then aminexil was created deliberately, with a full understanding of what result is needed. Research at the L’Oréal laboratories began in the 1980s, and ten years later, the aminexil synthesized in them proved to be effective against hair loss in numerous tests, bypassing similar molecules with less efficiency.

Research work and accompanying discoveries in the field of trichology continue to this day. So, in 2012, L’Oréal creates stemoxidin, a substance that stimulates hair growth from “dormant” hair follicles. However, aminexil remains one of the best anti-hair loss remedies.


Modern intensive care with aminexil as the main active substance can be used without fear: it has no negative side effects, and the scalp reacts well to it even in case of hypersensitivity.

For intensive products (serums or ampoule lotions with a high aminexil content), the instructions for use are similar.

  1. The product is evenly distributed over the parting on clean, dry or damp hair and is not washed off until the next shampooing.
  2. In case of severe loss, daily use of the care is recommended, and in case of moderate loss – three times a week.
  3. The aminexil treatment course lasts at least six weeks.
  4. The course must be repeated twice a year or more often.


Only a remedy with a complex of substances aimed at improving the follicles, the hair shaft itself and the scalp can qualitatively combat increased hair loss. This is due to the fact that alopecia is not always caused only by the accumulation of collagen around the follicles.

Among other reasons, scientists distinguish heredity, stress, bad habits, unfavorable ecology, poor or insufficient care, poor-quality hair styling and a lack of nutrients in the diet.

Complex anti-hair loss products with a concentration of 1.5% aminexil give good results for both men and women. How to choose your care?


With proven active ingredients, Vichy Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5 Intensive Hair Loss Treatment works simultaneously on three levels.

  • At the level of the hair follicles.  Aminexil at a concentration of 1.5% prevents the formation of connective tissue in the mouths of the follicles, and arginine, which stimulates blood microcirculation in the skin layers, provides the bulbs with nutrients in the amount necessary for their normal functioning.
  • At the level of the scalp.  The Octein complex and volcanic mineral water take care of the scalp, soothe it and enhance the natural protective function of the skin.
  • At the level of the hair shaft.  SP94 and vitamins PP and B6 nourish and strengthen the hair shafts during the growth stage, making them denser and stronger.

A set of ampoules is equipped with a massage applicator, and each ampoule contains 6 ml of aminexil – this is the optimal dose for alopecia of any nature. For a six-week course, Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5 reduces hair loss by 91% during washing and by 89% during the day.

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What to combine with?

While Aminexil Intensive 5 solves the main problem, it’s time to take care of the beauty of your hair. They can become a source of good mood even now, when the process of loss is just starting to slow down. The Neogenic and Nutrients ranges will take care of the appearance of your hair and give it a well-groomed look.

Dercos Neogenic Shampoo increases the density and quality of the hair, making it shiny, supple and beautiful.

Dercos Nutrients Nutri Protein Mask, enriched with Quinoa Bran and Prakaxi Oil, restores split-ends firmness, repairs hair along the entire length and smoothes damaged cuticles.


Vichy Dercos Aminexil Intesive 5 with a masculine character also prevents collagen from hardening in the hair follicle orifices with aminexil, heals the scalp and strengthens regrowth hair. The composition of the already familiar assets: vitamins, Octain (a complex of piroctone olamine paired with vitamin E) with antimicrobial and soothing effects, arginine, which is important for thickening thinned hair SP94 and, of course, volcanic mineral water, which increases the protective functions of the scalp.

What to combine with?

Dercos Aminexil toning shampoo with aminexil and vitamins B5, B6 and PP strengthens hair and reduces fragility.

Dercos Aminexil toning conditioner, enriched with aminexil, a strengthening vitamin complex and ceramides, intensively nourishes and restores the hair structure.

After the course of Dercos Aminexil Intesive 5, many men face a new task – to restore the density of hair in the foci of stopped alopecia. In such cases, you can add Dercos Densi-Solutions Hair Growth Serum with a high content of stemoxidin (5%) and resveratrol that enhances the effect of stemoxidin. For a six-week course of serum, 1000 new hairs will appear.

Dercos gamma will stop alopecia, provided that it has not yet passed into the cicatricial stage, when connective tissue forms in place of the follicles. This usually occurs over several years, so treatment with aminexil and stemoxidine should be started at the first sign of alopecia.