Exercises for the inner thigh

Almost all leg workouts focus on the quads as the most visible and voluminous part of the leg. However, many people overlook the importance of training the inner thigh. In everyday life, this muscle zone is practically not used, which leads to its flabbiness, and sagging and spoils the general appearance of the legs.

Regular glute and quads workouts will help increase strength and slightly reduce hip fat, but a beautiful bikini area will require additional workouts.

The structure of the inner side of the thigh

The main purpose of the entire muscle group located on the inner side of the thighs is to bring the legs together. Most of us last trained in this area when we ran side steps in physical education classes. The inner thigh includes five types of adductor muscles:

  • Long and short;
  • Thin and large;
  • Comb.

Girls who are engaged in professional bodybuilding or bikini models can use special simulators for the high-quality workouts of each muscle separately. In order to simply tighten the shape and give the legs a slender look, it is enough to perform the types of exercises that are listed below.

Why you need to do exercises for the inner thigh

The female body is designed so that most of the fat accumulates in the hips and abdomen. This is necessary to create energy reserves during pregnancy or bearing a fetus. Trained hips not only improve appearance and self-esteem. The general condition of the body is strengthened, and you will begin to feel better. To achieve a toned body, you need to not only do exercises on the inner thigh and other muscles, but also follow a diet, move more often, and do cardio workouts for at least 30 minutes 1-2 times a week.

Effective inner thigh exercises

The complex is designed for beginners and girls with little physical training. It is done at home, no need to buy a gym membership or group classes. It takes 15-30 minutes a day to complete – work at a comfortable pace, if it gets too hard, you can skip one exercise or reduce the number of repetitions in the approach.

Exercises for the inner side of the thigh are performed on a flat, hard surface, you can use a yoga mat. Some exercises require additional weights and sports equipment – rings, resistance bands, but you can do without them. Sports girls with already developed muscles can be advised to use a Martens bandage, dumbbells or special rubber bands.

Breeding legs to the sides

There are two options for movement: lying down and standing. Consider the first one:

  • Lie with your back on the floor, stretch your arms along the body;
  • Raise your straight legs about 45 ° relative to the floor – this is the starting position;
  • Spread your legs to the sides and bring them back, while trying not to bend your knees;
  • Try to spread your legs as wide as possible, so you will not only strengthen the inner thighs, but also make them elastic.

Perform the movement 10-15 times – this is one circle. You need to do 2-3 circles, the rest between which is 30 seconds. If you do not have time to recover, you can take a break of 45-60 seconds. Rest 2-3 minutes before doing the next exercise.

Standing breeding is the usual swinging of the legs to the sides. While standing, you transfer the weight on one leg, pull the other as much as possible to the side and up. Unlike the first option, this movement does not load the abs and can be difficult for those who have problems with the structure of the hip joints.

Bringing the hip down

Lie on the floor on your right side. The right leg lies completely on the floor, the left foot is near the knee of the right leg and takes the weight of the body. The body rests on the right forearm. When completing the task, you do not need to take your pelvis off the floor.

  • The right leg (which lies on the floor) must be raised as high as possible;
  • During the lift, the weight of the lower body is transferred to the left foot;
  • For the first time, it is enough to tear off the leg 10-15 cm from the floor and hold the position for 5-7 seconds;
  • Repeat the exercise with your right leg about 15 times and switch sides.

If it is difficult to perform a movement with a straight body, bend your body slightly in the pelvic region.

“Butterfly” from a lying position

This exercise is similar to the first on the list, but it is technically and physically more difficult, since it works all the muscles of the inner thigh and requires high concentration on the process.

  • Take the starting position – lie on your back on the floor, stretch your legs, put your hands freely along the body;
  • Raise your legs to a level of 45 ° relative to the floor and begin to describe them in circles;
  • The right leg moves clockwise, the left – simultaneously with the right, but counterclockwise;
  • Make 7-10 circles in the indicated directions, stop in the starting position .;
  • Without a break, raise your legs again and continue to do circles;
  • Now the right leg moves counterclockwise and the left leg moves clockwise.

This exercise will not only help tighten your inner thighs, but also load your lower abs and obliques.

Reduction of legs lying or standing

This exercise has many variations, let’s analyze the simplest one – flattening while lying on the floor.

  • Lie on a flat surface, bend your legs at the knees so that the heels are at a distance of 25-30 cm from the buttocks;
  • Feet are shoulder-width apart or slightly wider;
  • Bring your knees together, if it’s hard to do this – just try to bring them as much as possible, over time everything will work out.

The video shows a more complicated example – mixing in combination with a gluteal bridge. The movement can be repeated 7-15 times, for beginners one approach is enough.

Left and right lunges

The second name of the exercise is lateral lunges. They load the legs completely and pump the inner thighs, however, it is important to follow the correct technique.

  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other. Hands can be clasped behind the head or extended in front of you.
  • Take a wide step to the side with your right leg and squat with support on your right leg – make sure that your back does not round and the squat is not too deep.
  • Push your foot off the floor and return to the starting position.

Repeat the movement 10-15 times and do the same, but on the other leg. More about the technique:

Cross lunges

The complex of movements not only loads the quads, inner thighs and calves, but also at a high pace of execution allows you to give a good cardio load .

  • Take the starting position: stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart or narrower, hands at the waist or behind your head.
  • Take a wide step back with your right foot and place it behind your left leg. As a result, the feet should be on the same imaginary line.
  • Transfer the main body weight to the front left leg and squat down with a straight back.
  • Slowly rise, pushing off the floor with your foot, and repeat the squat.

Do 7-10 squats and switch legs. If you are uncomfortable doing this exercise, exclude it from your workout. The movement is not recommended for those with knee problems or joint pain.

Sumo squats

The simplest and most effective calorie-burning exercise. It is useful for all leg muscles, with the right technique, it trains the abdominal and back muscles.

  • Stand up straight with your feet much wider than your shoulders – the distance between your feet should be such that you do not feel a stretch of muscle tissue.
  • Start squatting – first of all, a slope is created in the hip region, the buttocks are pulled back.
  • The body leans forward slightly to maintain balance, but the back does not need to be rounded or arched.
  • Look straight ahead and squat until your hips come down to a line parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the squat 15-20 times.

The exercise is convenient because it trains both legs at once, which means it takes less time.

Jumping out of plie

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The exercise is similar to the previous one, but it is more difficult and puts an increased load on the muscles of the legs.

  • Stand straight, put your feet wider than your hips, turn your toes outward by 40-45 °.
  • Do a standard sumo squat with the correct technique and linger at the bottom.
  • Instead of a smooth rise to the starting position, jump up.
  • You do not need to make a strong push, just jump 10-15 cm above the floor.

The video uses weights, but beginners can do the exercise without additional equipment.

Compilation of videos with exercises on the inner thigh

If you find it difficult to maintain a certain pace or are too lazy to finish the exercises to the end, use video complexes that will motivate you to train.