On average, the rate of hair loss is 60-100 per day. If this figure is higher, it’s time to sound the alarm! If the loss is not due to a violation of the body, then the problem can be corrected with the help of anti-loss remedies.


First of all, make sure that hair loss (scientifically known as “alopecia”) is not a hereditary problem. If so, the process should be taken under control as early as possible. Consult a trichologist: he will prescribe medications, prescribe laser treatment for you, or suggest transplantation. If the matter is not in genetics, but the hair began to fall out more than usual, then look for the reason in the malfunctioning of the body and contact a therapist. These can be hormonal disorders associated with thyroid disease or the use of low-quality contraceptives, prolonged use of antibiotics or antidepressants, infectious diseases, as well as diets that do not include elements useful for humans. Also, the problem of loss can arise due to anemia – a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.


Competent selection of care products for alopecia is the main criterion in the fight against the problem under consideration. Incorrectly selected cosmetics can aggravate the situation. If you notice more hair loss than usual on your pillow or brush while washing, try to eliminate the following products from your care:

  • oil masks that clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing;
  • warming lotions;
  • scrubs with large particles that injure the skin and hair follicle.

Also, if a problem arises, it is recommended to abandon frequent staining (the composition of even the most gentle paints has a negative effect on the condition of already thin and rare strands) and daily shampooing.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the hair loss treatment protocol from the Vichy experts.https://www.youtube.com/embed/SS0hzNkasag?enablejsapi=1

Trichologists recommend using two separate groups of hair loss care products.


  • using a special shampoo no more than 2-3 times a week;
  • using masks or soft peels 1-2 times a week for gentle and deep cleansing;
  • course application (up to 3 months) means to slow down the loss of intensive action, which include components that stimulate the growth and strengthening of hair from roots to ends and improve blood microcirculation.


Experts recommend using structured products to thicken the hair and increase its visual volume. The composition of such cosmetics includes natural vegetable nutritive oils and proteins.

As supportive therapy, and if the hair loss is not genetically or medical-related (the most common cause is stress), stimulate their growth with anti-hair loss drugs. A wide range of such products have been developed in Vichy laboratories.


Hair will become stronger and healthier thanks to Aminexil and vitamins of group B and PP in the composition of Dercos Aminexil toning shampoo and conditioner against hair loss. Aminexil is a patented molecule by L’Oréal, therefore it is impossible to find it in other products. Aminexil has an anti-fibrotic effect, that is, it prevents collagen from thickening around the follicles.

Aminexil is also a key component of Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5 ampoules. In addition to aminexil, they include 5 more unique substances: the SP94 molecule (an ester of glucose and linoleic acid that delivers nutrition to the strands), arginine (enhances blood microcirculation), octein (a compound of vitamin E and Piroctone Olamine – possesses anti-inflammatory action, antioxidant properties, and also restores the barrier functions of the skin) and Vichy mineralizing thermal water (soothes, restores and strengthens the curls).

Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5 ampoules are available for both women and men. The male product additionally contains caffeine, which stimulates microcirculation in androgen-dependent zones, and the female product contains vitamins PP and B6.

using it for the second year as prescribed by a trichologist, a lot of new hair has appeared. Does not grease the hair, on the contrary, it even adds volume!3/5Karina U UThe product is easy to rub in, has a pleasant smell, I have already used 3 packs, it falls out less4/5Elena GusevaI have been struggling with alopecia for a long time, already for several years. The dermatologist recommended

using, in addition to the usual treatment, DERCOS AMINEXIL INTENSIVE 5. I use half an ampoule 2-3 times a week, before, and during an exacerbation (there was a long period of stress), and I used half a bottle every day. I like the overall result. Zinaida excellent and effective remedy, the hair stopped falling out and is strengthened, it is convenient to use. I also noticed the growth of new hair, I really liked it, and I recommend it.NEXT

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Using the massage applicator, apply the entire contents of the monodose to the scalp in zigzag movements, paying special attention to the most problematic areas. The course lasts 6 weeks: 1 monodose (ampoule) should be taken daily. Anti-hair loss products – shampoo, conditioner and ampoules – are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Using quality products in time, you will prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of new ones. And do not forget to take care of your nerves – take a course of sedatives or consult a psychologist.