Detox diet for weight loss

A detox diet is a way to quickly lose a few extra pounds without exhausting the body with nutrient deficiencies. This is the best option if you want to get in shape after the holidays, holidays or, conversely, a difficult period when you had to eat only semi-finished products.

For all their effectiveness and a whole range of benefits, detox diets are not suitable for everyone. They create positive stress for the body, but in some cases this effect is extremely undesirable. Therefore, they are not recommended for people who have not reached the age of 18, as well as for pregnant and lactating women. Where do these restrictions come from? Let’s see what a detox is.

How does the detox diet for weight loss work?

The concept of detox was created in the 19th century by an Austrian doctor. It was a time when science was developing rapidly, scientists put forward many new hypotheses, but only certain concepts were later confirmed. Felix Mayer was unlucky in this regard: his theory was not confirmed, but it was a great commercial success – and not without reason.

Dr. Mayer suggested that the cause of poor health, fatigue, excess weight is in toxins and metabolic decay products that accumulate in the body. Toxins poison a person so much that special cleansing is needed to bring him back to normal. The cleansing program proposed by the doctor included a variety of water procedures, physiotherapy exercises, massage and, of course, a fruit diet.

Felix Mayer practiced at the popular resort of Karlovy Vary, where wealthy people came for “treatment with waters.” Of course, there, his concept of cleansing was in demand, because patients really felt better! However, from the point of view of modern science, medicine and physiology, the assumption that the body needs to be cleansed of toxins is nonsense.

Toxins, that is, poisons, are dealt with by a separate branch of medicine: toxicology. If poisons really accumulate in the body, the person no longer needs water and diet, but emergency medical care.

However, supporters of the purification theory may object: we breathe polluted air every day, and food contains not only useful components! Indeed, potentially dangerous substances constantly enter the body. But if a person is healthy, the body itself successfully copes with their excretion: the liver, kidneys and other “participants” of the metabolism and excretory system. If for some reason the liver and kidneys cannot independently remove the excess from the body, the person again needs medical help, and not cleansing with a diet.

The theory of toxins in the body today is recognized as pseudoscientific as having no basis. It is impossible to “cleanse” the liver, and cleansing the body as a whole from certain toxins is pointless. That is, with the rationale, Felix Mayer hit the sky with his finger. But he came up with a good way to improve overall well-being, lose weight and put the body in order.

Detox diets do not rid the body of toxins, because there are no toxins. However, they create a slight calorie deficit while still providing a full complement of nutrients. Therefore, a person does not suffer from a lack of vitamins, amino acids, his working capacity does not decrease, his state of health does not worsen, but he loses weight. For greater effectiveness of the diet, it can be combined with additional detox procedures.

What is included in the detox program

  • Diet.
  • Massage.
  • Sauna or bath.
  • Therapeutic exercise, stretching.
  • Wraps, lymphatic drainage.

Also, many recommend giving enemas, taking special solutions for “cleansing”. However, such things should not be done without the advice of doctors. Yes, and many items on the list have contraindications. For example, a sauna or bath is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, and many other health problems. Massage can not be carried out in the presence of inflammatory processes, fever, skin diseases.


A more or less universal addition is light stretching or physiotherapy exercises, they have a minimum of contraindications. In addition, regular, easy activity is beneficial to the body, so it is useful to do exercises in parallel with the diet. They should not be too hard or exhausting, this is not work for the sake of a record, but rather a warm-up.

Basic principles of the detox diet

Gradual preparation and exit from the diet. The preparatory period for detox diets is always longer than the main stage. This is due to the fact that a radical change in the diet is a serious shake-up, and if you try to completely redraw your menu at one moment, your health may deteriorate dramatically. In addition, with sudden changes, the risk of “breaking loose” is too high and, without waiting for weight loss, switch to the usual diet.
Rejection of bad habits. For the duration of the diet, smoking, alcohol, as well as coffee, black tea, and chocolate should be excluded. You will also have to give up an unhealthy sleep pattern: you must sleep 6-9 hours a day, depending on the need. You will also have to add light physical activity.

The right choice of products

There are numerous interdicted foods during detox

  • Food of beast origin, including meat, bangers, eggs, milk, kefir, yogurt.
  • Sweets sweet afters, chocolate, muffins, eyefuls, sweets, sugar, honey, bathos.
  • All products with a low content of nutrients chips and other snacks, fast food and the suchlike.
  • Acid foods, including fresh oranges, failures, limes, and orange juice. Lemon or lime juice can be added to salads, water.
  • Adipose, fried, interspersed, smoked, as well as everything that has been heat- treated at home or in a plant.
  • Carbonated drinks, coffee, black tea, alcohol, drinks high in sugar.
  • Ketchups, utmost gravies, mayonnaise, dressings.

Everything you eat should contain a outside of useful substances vitamins, minerals, amino acids, adipose acids. But if all of the below is insolvable, also what’s possible? For illustration, fresh salads seasoned with fresh bomb juice, fruit and vegetable smoothies. They can be made succulent by adding apples to the composition. You can also eat nuts and berries in small amounts.

To avoid bloating, brand-new fruits are eaten half an hour before the main mess. But at the same time, we count oranges and grapefruits, since they’ve too high an acid content. It can be dangerous to the stomach. You can also cook miso mists with seaweed. Be sure to drink a glass of green tea or water half an hour before refections and half an hour after. It’s good to drink herbal tea before going to bed.

Cereals are also not banned, except for barley and unsprouted wheat. But we don’t cook them, but pour them with boiling water. Picked seeds of flax, wheat, oats will also be an excellent addition to salads.

You need to stick to such a specific menu for an normal of a week. But, as a rule, three days are enough to achieve the result. After that, you easily add foods to the diet, leaving the salutary cycle. The more delicate a particular food is to digest, the latterly it should be greeted into the diet( or you may change your mind about returning it to the menu at each). In order not to get better again, you should review your eating habits and physical exertion.

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Who’s the detox diet for?

Detox is a good result for an adult man or woman without habitual conditions who wants to get in shape snappily so that they can keep their figure in order. still, detox isn’t a universal tool for homogenizing weight. This option suits you if, in addition to redundant kilograms, you also notice fatigue, languor, lack ofenergy. However, and you want to put yourself in order without exhausting the body with strict diets, If the condition of the skin and hair has worsened.

Detox diet contraindications

Detox programs are banned for people under 18 times of age, pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who notice an exacerbation of habitual conditions. You shouldn’t resort to similar measures to homogenize weight in the presence of diabetes, seditious conditions of the digestive system, as well as diseases in the work of the heart. similar fashions for weight loss are banned after operations, severe shocks and stress. You can’t use them before significant physical exertion similar as sports competitions.