Day 1 Workout: Legs + Arms

In general, my approach to my legs is atypical, but I won’t call it light either. It will not once be my very favorite squats to bulging eyes (also your first love?), I give them a load carefully, but intensively. With this technique, you will not overclock mutant supernets, but your joints, back and girl will thank me for developing you practical, easy strength. And a decent aesthetic (from what subconscious mind do these metaphors come from?) Appearance. The ass tearing jeans according to my scheme will definitely not be. Hurray and alas. But it will also save a wheelchair from the joy of learning the third speed..

Exclusively because of the careful attitude to the legs, I had a certain amount of time for this day of training, which I left in my hands in a comfortable manner. Before that, instead of them there were “light shoulders”, or extra cardio, or chatter, but now I experience the peak of my form with just such a combination of arms.

So, after a good warm-up (I have a shuttle run of 15 meters, 8-9 times) and the first light (straight for children) load on the knee extension simulator, I perform the first approach – jumping out on an elastic, but not rigid foundation. We have an unnecessary cross-fit tire in the gym, standing on it, I powerfully pull up from a deep squat. The first approach is sparing 12-15 times, the second is already seriously accelerating to 20, the third is the most important 25 (it will be hard to breathe), the fourth is victorious 15, breaks as breathing allows, I have 45 seconds. Before, between approaches I finished off the limbs by shaking the back surface, but now I am doing it in a separate next exercise. If you just came to the gym and did not have time to earn chronic injury, start with 6 jumps. Then evaluate the sensations, sit down on the floor without sudden movements, feel, feel your legs. They should be slightly springy, feel a little “burning” and cause slight discomfort, but not pain. Mechanical or dull aching. If you feel something like this – immediately a light bike, hands and shower. If by your condition you are ready to work further, accelerate the number of jumps by 5. That is, first 6, then 11, then 17, then 20. The last one is on your conscience, but usually I have it up to good fatigue +4 times.This photo could sell both the trainer and the Nike sneakers.

If you can finish off your legs well on a lying simulator (girls for some reason think that they shake their ass like that. Well, let it be), sets of 4, if bored, connect a superset with the lower leg. I try to make each of my workouts different from the other for this muscle group in order to avoid the effect of routine automatism (I will declare this combination), so I choose the last leg exercise intuitively. If you feel a surge of energy, choose a bench press machine with a larger weight. If wise, rate the run 10 steps up. In my gym, cross-fit is developed, so I can afford it, in the absence of – conservatively squat down at last without load 30, 25, 20 times. Lowering will give a surge of motivation and the opportunity to complete the complex.

Basically, my legs (my sadness) get the closest cross-fit load per cycle. In general, today in the gym I came to the conclusion that a) it is sometimes difficult to follow my own advice b) my set of exercises is a gentle fitness on the verge of cross-fit, in which I took the best and safest elements. I don’t know why I wrote this paragraph, if the editor would gladly cross it out.Photo to share section

So, after the legs are pleasantly springy and become a little wadded after loads, I have time in timing that I used to devote only triceps to, but then successfully supplemented my bicepsohm. This is how my hands work out on both sides. First, this is lifting the Olympic bar (20 kg, for a completely newbie, too, suddenly it will turn out), set 4 10-12 times to “turn on” the most spectacular muscles of a man. In between biceps sets, in the simplest deadlift machine, with such a flexible cord, I load the triceps with a weight that can do 15 repetitions. Not so long ago, I stopped writing down the working weight in a notebook, because the dynamics in general decreased so much that I can easily remember how much weight – my 70%, and what 85. If you are starting out, keeping such a diary will be beneficial – it will help to feel the dynamics in dry, clear, sweat-soaked figures (I even kept a table in Excel for building a schedule, it was cool. Until the laptop was broken by the ex. And still then I did not leave).

Who does not know that biceps and triceps are small muscles that do not like violence and exhausting loads. In other words, throwing them with exercises, approaches of a million repetitions – you will not get good from them. I’ve seen a couple of competitive bodybuilders hit their biceps to failure (40-60 reps) in one set and calm down. I’m not that Hulk, so after the Olympic bar run I do a superset with dumbbells: 14-16-18 (to failure), and after rest I work back 18-14-10 where I squeeze the pain out of my hands in dozens. After that, I hang a rubber band on the uneven bars and, having a little rest, with the support of this rubber, I do 3 approaches on the uneven bars, accentuating the slow and light load on the triceps. In many gyms, a special simulator serves these purposes. SuchDo not believe her shoulders, I recognized – the girl in the photo – computer graphics. Whole, and the chest too

After that, having sipped some water, I finish off the biceps with a 1-2 approach on the same simulator, but with a reverse grip, pulling the weight on the bituha. The back, of course, takes part of the load, but the last forces are only a joy. After that, I don’t waste time on abs (a separate bike will be released about it), but I do some kind of relaxed cardio. It is advisable that a girl ran next to him. At the same time, I look extremely serious and focused. My position next to her is just an accident, just like yours.

After such loads, it is very funny, believe me and check to ride even some nice distance on a bike, without crawling and remembering Dallas. And his course makes you better every issue.According to my behest, Jason didn’t lift the paw, Jason.

PS: It’s kind of embarrassing, but when did we switch to you?

Nutritional amendment:So you decided to go back or start over and it’s time for you to start eating. More precisely, want it very much. If you follow all two chapters, then, in theory, the body, feeling the thrill of the load (there is no point in training without it), will want to thank and feed it. At first, the appetite will accelerate as well as testosterone (has the morning already changed?), But this does not mean that to eatyou can eat everything. Do not stoop to shawarma or fast food, eat in cheap canteens, which have become suspiciously many throughout the country (in Krasnodar, lunch from a piece of breast, 3-4 nice nuggets and vinaigrette for a side dish, will cost 245 rubles and this is in the center). People’s FSC takes more for this, feeds worse, the stomach is angrier, but with coffee. If you don’t have the strength to hold on or you don’t have money, eat what you can, but try to avoid fast carbohydrates (buttochniks, choco-pie, nasty things) and the same cola.

As, however, the girls who ask something in the hall. I haven’t written a book about how to be a literate husband yet.