Chats background replacement in WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows

The efficiency of using the functions of WhatsApp, as, indeed, of any other software, is significantly increased if the user likes the design of the application interface. The main and accessible operation related to customizing the appearance of the messenger is setting the background of chats, and in the next article, we will look at how to perform such a transformation in the Android, iOS,

and Windows environments.


It is possible to change the background of correspondences that are conducted through WhatsApp for Android within a fairly wide range. We can say that this version of the messenger provides its users with the largest number of interface conversion options in comparison with the iOS and Windows versions. The background of all chats at the same time, as well as of individual dialogues and groups on an individual basis, must be replaced here.

Option 1: All Dialogues and Groups

The most correct first step in solving the problem of replacing the background of WhatsApp chats in the Android environment is to select a single wallpaper for all correspondences to which you are a member.

  1. Launch WhatsApp and by clicking on the three vertically located dots at the top of its screen on the right, bring up the main menu of the application. Go to “Settings” .
  2. In the list of messenger settings sections that opens, select “Chats” . On the next screen, touch the name of the “Wallpaper” option .
  3. Next, you need to select the type of background that will be displayed on the screens of all messages opened in WhatsApp by clicking on one of the icons in the area displayed below.
    • “No wallpaper” – an unobtrusive gray background is set in chats, without additional elements.
    • “Gallery” – by choosing this option, you will be able to set any image in the storage of your mobile device as a background for correspondence. Tap on the specified icon, then go to the album containing the appropriate picture and tap its thumbnail. On the “View wallpaper” screen , evaluate the possible result of the operation being carried out and, if it suits you, click “SET” .
    • “Solid color” – the ability to choose a monochromatic background of chats from the color catalog provided in the messenger. Tap the icon denoting this option, scrolling through the list of available ones, select the appropriate color and click on its preview, and then tap “INSTALL” at the bottom of the screen for viewing the selected wallpaper.
    • The “Library” is a rather interesting item in the menu for selecting the background of correspondence from the point of view of possible options for their execution:Press the button calling “Library” , confirm the request from the messenger about the need to download additional components. This will open the WhatsApp Wallpaper application page in the Google Play Store , where you need to tap “Install” . Next, wait until the download of the package of images is completed and return to WhatsApp.Select a picture in the now available catalog, tap its preview. Evaluate the future look of the chats and click INSTALL if it suits you.
    • “Standard” . The name of the item speaks for itself – tap on it to return the background to the chats originally set in the messenger by default.
  4. After choosing a suitable background image for correspondence, exit the “Settings” of the messenger. At this point, the task voiced in the title of the material in relation to absolutely all chats in WhatsApp for Android is considered solved.

Option 2: Separate Chat

By setting the background for all correspondence in WhatsApp for Android at the same time according to the recommendations above, you can additionally customize the appearance of some, for example, the most often opened dialogs and group chats.

  1. Open a WhatsApp chat whose background needs to be replaced.
  2. Tap on the three dots to the right of the message header, select “Wallpaper” in the menu that opens.
  3. Next, you will see the already familiar menu item 3 from the previous instructions in this article. Select the type of image you like, then the background image itself. Evaluate the result on the preview screen and tap “INSTALL” .


In the WhatsApp program for iOS , unlike the above-described Android version of the messenger, it is really possible to replace the background only for all ongoing chats at the same time; unfortunately, it is impossible to individually “color” each correspondence here. Thus, to solve the problem voiced in the title of the article, iPhone users have only one way:

  1. Open the messenger, tap on the “Settings” icon located in the lower right corner of the screen .
  2. In the displayed list, tap “Chats” , then tap the name of the “Chat Wallpaper” option .
  3. Next, you will be presented with a choice of four possible options for the type of substrate:
    • “Library” – a set of images provided by the developers of the messenger is presented here. Open and scroll through the list of offers, click on the thumbnail of the picture you like. Next, you will be able to evaluate the appearance of WhatsApp conversations as a result of saving the settings. If everything suits you, click “Install” .
    • “Solid colors” – if you prefer a monochromatic design of correspondence, tap on this item and then select one of the colors offered by the program, tap its sample. As with choosing an image from the “Library” , then it will be possible to evaluate the future appearance of dialogs and groups – tap “Install” at the bottom of the screen that opens, if you have finally decided on the choice, or “Cancel” , if you want to try other color options.
    • “Photo” – is used to set an image available in the iPhone and / or iCloud storage as a background for dialogs and groups. By clicking on this item, you will open a list of albums available from the device – go to one of them, find a suitable photo and tap its preview.Evaluate the result obtained when installing the specified system image in the preview mode of the chat screen and then “Install” the background or “Deselect” your choice.
    • “Default wallpaper” – use this option if you want to return to the chats the background originally proposed by the creators of the messenger.
  4. After you finish selecting and setting the image as wallpaper for all chats, exit the “Settings” of the program – this completes the transformation of the appearance of WhatsApp for iOS.


Version adapted to work on Windows-controlled PCs and laptops WhatsApp characterized by the smallest number of settings available for changing in comparison with the mobile versions of the messenger. This also applies to replacing the background of correspondence – here it is possible to choose an exclusively monochromatic background and its installation is available for all conversations at the same time.

  1. Launch WhatsApp for PC, open any chat, so that later you can evaluate the background color in the process of selecting it and without leaving the “Settings” program.
  2. Click on the “…” button located above the chat list in the left part of the window .
  3. From the menu that opens, go to the “Settings” of the messenger.
  4. Next, click on “Chat Wallpaper” .
  5. Move the mouse cursor over the color samples in the list displayed on the left of the program window.
  6. As a result, the color of the background shown on the right side of the WhatsApp correspondence window will instantly change, and you, looking through the options, will be able to choose the most suitable shade.
  7. Having decided on the future background color of the chats, click on its sample,which will lead to the installation of a new substrate.
  8. Exit the “Settings” of the messenger – the only interface transformation available in its desktop version has been completed.

As you can see, changing the background of individual and group chats is well organized only in the Android version of WhatsApp. Many users of the considered service expect the situation to change, that is, to receive great opportunities to customize the interface of all versions of the messenger with the release of their updates.