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Cellulite is a pathological condition of the skin. It is a local increase in fat cells, which leads to an inevitable disruption of blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat and the development of fibrosis between the fat cells.

Why does cellulite appear?

The main reasons for the appearance of cellulite:

  1. An increase in the volume of subcutaneous fat. 
  2. Violation of blood supply in a specific area.

An example of the first reason. The girl begins to eat improperly, an excess amount of easily digestible nutrients enters her body, which are actively stored in fat cells. When the intake of active substances exceeds their consumption, this leads to the fact that these substances begin to accumulate in the fat cells. This leads to the fact that fat cells begin to increase in volume – as a result, the subcutaneous fat layer increases. The enlarged fat cells begin to squeeze everything around them – primarily the vessels that feed these very cells. Accordingly, the blood supply to the subcutaneous fat deteriorates, the flow of oxygen decreases and the development of connective fibrous tissue begins, which is the main clinical sign of cellulite.

An example of the second reason is sedentary work. A girl can be thin, eat right, but sedentary work leads to squeezing of soft tissues in the back of the thigh, which entails a violation of blood supply and, as a result, the flow of oxygen. The mechanics of the process are identical to those described above, only the reason is different. That is why the “orange peel” often appears in absolutely thin girls.

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Gender matters

But why does this happen in women and not in men? The reason for this is that the ladies have a distinctive structure of the collagen fibers of the subcutaneous tissue. They are perpendicular to the skin and parallel to each other. This leads to frequent fluid stagnation. The female hormone – estrogen activates the process of “obesity” of subcutaneous cells.

Male collagen fibers intersect with each other, forming a strong cellular structure, which is much more difficult to stretch.

Let’s make a small remark: it is impossible to visually determine male cellulite. But if a representative of the strong half of humanity has significantly gained weight and already has the second and third stages of obesity, he can still be diagnosed with cellulite. The thing is that with the development of female-type obesity, men begin to accumulate estrogens in adipose tissue. So, with excess body weight, cellulite in men happens.

Women in an “interesting position” are in a special risk group for the formation of cellulite. The reason for this is the constant changes in the body and stagnant processes in the cells of the subcutaneous adipose retina. After all, it is known that during pregnancy, a woman begins to rapidly gain weight. Many systems of the body do not have time to cope with increased loads and “turn on” their defensive reaction. These include cells that stop their reproduction and begin to accumulate fluids, fats and toxins. This leads to the formation of an “orange peel”.

The main reasons for the appearance of cellulite

There are at least 15 reasons for the development of cellulite . They all have their own specific characteristics:

  1. Hormonal disruption in the body. It can happen due to a number of factors, from poor lifestyle choices and bad habits to prolonged use of potent drugs and stress. 
  2. Disruption of the pancreas and, as a result, metabolic disorders. 
  3. Venous insufficiency. 
  4. Lymphatic insufficiency. 
  5. Varicose veins. 
  6. Exposure to the body of harmful substances (exhaust gases, toxic waste fumes, etc.). 
  7. Improper and unbalanced nutrition. Especially harmful effects are observed from the consumption of fast food and sugary soda. 
  8. Stress and depression. 
  9. A sedentary lifestyle (in a special risk group – office workers). 
  10. Pregnancy. 
  11. Fluctuations in weight (a sharp decrease and increase). 
  12. Uncontrolled and prolonged intake of all kinds of medicines, including dietary supplements and other drugs. 
  13. Addiction to alcohol. 
  14. Smoking. 
  15. Hereditary predisposition.

Cellulite development stages and their features

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In total, there are 4 stages of development of the disease of the local type of subcutaneous fat cells.

  1. The first stage does not raise any suspicion, since the “orange peel” is not yet visible. Minor bumpy irregularities can only be seen if you squeeze a certain area of ​​the skin. But in its normal state, it still remains flat and smooth. The extent of the affected area depends on the degree of circulatory and lymphatic impairment. Due to the low level of outflow of interstitial fluid and insufficient blood supply, cells are deprived of oxygen, as a result of which, if necessary, they begin to absorb everything that occurs in their path. Hematomas and small capillary spider veins can easily appear on the body. 
  2. The second stage is the visual presence of cellulite. The relief of the skin changes, and with muscle tension, dents and bumps are visible. The cells continue to grow in size, which leads to tissue edema and squeezing of the vessel walls. The local lymphatic supply and blood supply are impaired. The set of processes of assimilation of substances slows down and cells, being in a state of oxygen starvation, activate the processes of lipogenesis. Wastes and toxic substances accumulate in tissues. All lipolysis processes are inhibited. At this stage of development of structural changes in the subcutaneous layer, tissue fibers grow, their density increases. 
  3. In the third stage of development, skin irregularities and bumps are noticeable even when the muscles of the legs and thighs are completely relaxed. If a therapeutic examination is carried out, then it can be revealed that the body temperature in the locations affected by cellulite is much lower than in other areas. The sensitivity of the skin increases. When squeezed, painful sensations appear. This is because cell growth has reached the nerve endings of the connective tissues. Moreover, the tissue metabolism itself is disrupted, and the affected cells continue to accumulate waste and metabolic products. In women with the third stage of cellulite, varicose veins are observed. The capillary walls become significantly denser and thicker. In the structural and functional elementary biological structural units, acidic compounds, triglycerides and various toxins accumulate. The tissue membranes become denser. In the affected cell, metabolic processes stop. 
  4. The fourth is the last stage of the development of a local-type disease, which has pronounced neglected forms. The bumps and pits are clearly visible on the skin, it itself becomes thick and rough. Severe pain can be felt with tactile contact. On palpation, numerous nodes of various sizes are felt. Extensive microvaricose diseases are observed.

Prevention of cellulite in the initial stages

The most effective methods of preventing cellulite in the initial stages are:

  • physical activity; 
  • diet; 
  • anti-cellulite creams and gels; 
  • anti-cellulite massages.

Physical activity

If we talk about physical activity, then the best option for the prevention of cellulite is walking – walking 4-5 km a day will be enough. It is important to note that only walking in sports shoes, or at least on low heels, has a positive effect, because high heels violate the distribution of body weight and impede blood circulation. For representatives of “sedentary” and sedentary professions, it is important to disperse the blood every half hour or hour – walk, do several dozen squats, perform simple stretching exercises.

Purposeful daily activity – exercise, going to the gym will not be superfluous. In the gym, the main equipment is an exercise bike. Excellent results in the prevention of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs can be achieved by “Walking on the buttocks”, swinging the leg up in the supine position is also effective. Regular ab exercises will keep your abdomen toned, while crunching exercises are good for your waist. For the prevention of cellulite, jumping rope and running work well – these are simple ways to activate metabolism, blood circulation and strengthen muscles.

Proper nutrition

If you want to avoid the development of cellulite, stick to a diet. Try to minimize or eliminate fatty and salty foods, fast food, and sugary soda from your diet. Animal fats have a particularly negative effect on the body. Sweets and starchy foods should also be kept to a minimum. A healthy diet without fanaticism will help to avoid the development of cellulite – vegetables and herbs, fruits, natural juices, vegetable oils, dairy products, whole grain cereals, boiled lean meat. You do not need to exhaust yourself, but it is imperative to follow a healthy diet.

Anti-cellulite massages and products

You can do anti-cellulite massages yourself – for this you need a stiff brush or a washcloth for taking a shower, for example. It is preferable to choose products with natural pile. They perfectly massage the skin, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism at the cellular level. For these purposes, you can also purchase a special massage brush, which is usually used in tandem with anti-cellulite cream or oil.

At the initial stage, the use of these funds will be sufficient, at later stages – they are relevant as an auxiliary prevention to consolidate the results.

Types of cellulite

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Experts distinguish three main types of cellulite:

  1. Lethargic (adipose, fatty). The skin is loose and soft, soft bumps are visible, which can easily change their location. The reason is improper nutrition.
  2. Hard (fibrous). Very dense lumps on the skin are visually noticeable. The reason for this type of cellulite can be hormonal changes or advanced forms of adipose cellulite. 
  3. Edematous (watery). Visually, this cellulite is almost invisible. It appears when pressed. Moreover, it is important that the appeared hole disappears in 2-3 seconds. Only then can you safely say that you have an edematous type of cellulite. It can occur due to hormonal disruptions, malnutrition, excessive fluid retention in the tissue.

Salon treatments for cellulite


Many girls who find cellulite in themselves try to solve the problem on their own. But it should be understood that home therapy can only be effective in the initial stages. In more advanced cases, the right solution would be to contact a specialized center.

Modern beauty salons offer a huge range of services that are aimed at fighting cellulite. But how do you choose the most suitable procedure?

Let’s highlight the “top 9 salon cellulite treatment methods” in our centers:

  1. LPG massage  is a patented method of body shaping and shaping using the 9th generation French devices from LPG Systems – Cellu M6 Endermolab and Cellu M6 Integral. As a result of exposure, the dense adipose tissue is kneaded, excess fluid is removed from the body, the manifestations of cellulite are smoothed and the condition of the skin of the body is improved. 
  2. LPG Alliance of the body is a development of the previous method, massage using the 10th generation LPG Systems apparatus. As a result of this procedure, there is not only a decrease in subcutaneous fat, an improvement in the quality of the skin and a decrease in the clinical manifestations of cellulite, but also a pronounced strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, which is reflected in a decrease in the manifestations of varicose veins and the vascular network on the surface of the skin. This procedure is ideal for patients with vascular problems. The effect is amazing – healing the whole body, slowing down the aging process and modeling a harmonious figure in a short time. 
  3. Pressotherapy is a type of lymphatic drainage, the essence of which is the effect of compressed air on the lymphatic system, which occurs with the help of special corsets and is regulated by a computer. With the help of the procedure, the blood supply to tissues is improved, excess fluid and harmful substances are removed. It helps to heal the tissues affected by cellulite. 
  1. RF lipolysis or radiofrequency therapy affects the level of subcutaneous fat, which improves blood circulation, accelerates the breakdown of fats, hypertrophied fat cells stop putting pressure on the skin – as a result, the skin condition improves, cellulite becomes less noticeable. 
  2. Shock wave therapy – the impact of a shock-sound low-frequency wave that penetrates to a depth of 5 cm and is converted into mechanical energy in tissues, destroying fibrous septa, stimulating blood circulation, lymph outflow and activating collagen synthesis. 
  3. Biostimulation Futura Pro is a hardware technique for harmonizing body contours, reducing cellulite and strengthening the skin. There are special anti-cellulite programs. 
  4. Ozone therapy allows you to reduce the external signs of cellulite at any stage, adjust body volume and lift the skin. 
  5. Salon wraps (hot, cold, mud-salt, using seaweed, etc.) are ancient techniques based on the application of biologically active substances, followed by the application of bandages. 
  6. Manual classical anti-cellulite massage is a traditional procedure that improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, and improves overall skin tone. This is not only useful, but also very enjoyable!

LPG massage treatments

These are modern hardware techniques for splitting fat deposits, which can be called one of the most effective in the prevention and elimination of cellulite. Vacuum roller massage is performed 1-3 times a week. The results are visible already after the first procedures. The massage is carried out in a special elastic suit, which minimizes the risks of damage to the skin.

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