Best free file recovery software

The erased information does not disappear without a trace. Lost photos and documents can be saved if you use special software in a timely manner. This article contains 10 of the most effective and safe programs for recovering deleted files. Read about their pros and cons and choose the best one!


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Domestic software that is able to safely perform recovery even in problematic cases, for example, after formatting or system failures. Has a user-friendly interface in Russian. Even beginners who have not used such software before will figure out where to click and what to do.

You just select the medium, PHOENIX searches for the missing files and displays a list of those found. You can filter by name, type, etc. Then you just have to specify what to return (there is a convenient preview option for images!) And wait for the process to end.

2. Recuva

A free program for reanimating files from hard drives and flash drives. It takes up little space and is suitable even for inexperienced users. The built-in assistant guides you step by step what to do at each step. Recuva scans the media from which the data was erased, displays a list of those found with an indication of the state (whether it can be restored). The user only has to choose what to return. Recuva has a English-language interface and is suitable for working on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

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With all the advantages, the software also has disadvantages. It is intended for simple cases, for example, if you accidentally erased a Word document from a flash drive. When too many files are missing, Recuva often finds only a fraction of them. It is also not effective in problematic situations such as formatting.

3. Disk Drill

A good application for recovering deleted files that can be downloaded for free. Finds and returns images, text documents, audio files missing from flash drives, hard drives and memory cards. It is relevant both for simple cases of deletion and in situations such as formatting, virus infection, system malfunction. There are versions for Windows and Mac.

Despite the fact that the application is marketed as free, Disk Drill has a paid Pro version. It is she who offers all the declared functions. In the free one, you can reanimate no more than 500 MB – that’s just 10 high-quality photos. In addition, only some of the formats are available and not all file systems are available. It is quite expensive to buy the PRO version, it costs about 8,000 rubles.

4. R.Saver

R.Saver will be able to recover data from computer disks and external devices. Suitable for file systems NTFS, FAT and ExFAT and can recover images, documents, archives. In addition to folders accidentally erased by the user himself, it can reanimate information that has disappeared due to disk formatting or system failure. The interface is quite clear, the Russian language is supported, there is a customer support service on the main website of the product.

The R.Saver program is provided for download and installation free of charge, but only for non-commercial use in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.


PhotoDOCTOR is a program for recovering deleted files from personal computers, flash drives, laptops, memory cards, smartphones, tablets, cameras. Suitable for reanimating images after equipment failure, accidental erasure, virus activity. PhotoDOCTOR has an understandable Russian-language interface and a simple operating principle that a beginner can also figure out.

Software gets only 5th place for the only reason – narrow specialization. It works only with images, but it is able to detect photos and pictures of all graphic formats: JPG, PNG, DNG, GIF, BMP, RAW, TIFF, PSD.

6. Pandora Recovery

Performs data recovery after formatting, normal erasure, and file system violations. Works with NTFS and FAT. Before restoring, you can view the preview to clarify the contents of the picture or document. Filtering of the list of found documents is available.

7. PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

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PC INSPECTOR File Recovery analyzes the hard drive for missing objects and restores them. High speed of work, Russian-language interface, the ability to reanimate the boot sector of a logically faulty hard disk.

In general, PC INSPECTOR File Recovery does a good job with recovering files, but it does not recover everything from disks, especially if a quick format was performed. In addition, the software is designed exclusively for working with a hard drive, and not with flash drives and other removable media.

Will be able to recover deleted files from a flash drive , computer or laptop, memory cards. First of all, the software helps in simple cases – inadvertent erasure of data. Recovery is unlikely in difficult situations.

9. Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is a part of the Glary Soft suite that deals with the return of missing information. Works with FAT, NTFS, NTFS + EFS systems. Found objects can be filtered by name, date, size, recovery prospects. Knows how to reanimate damaged and infected data.

It has a simple interface with a clear arrangement of buttons, installed on Windows 7, 8, 10. Among the shortcomings – it finds far from all missing objects, during installation offers additional applications, detects not all external media.

10. Hetman Partition Recovery

The software performs recovery of deleted files from a USB flash drive, computer hard drives and removable memory cards. Able to return both individual documents or photos, and entire folders. In Hetman Partition Recovery has two versions, requires no installation on your computer and portable. The second is a folder with software, which is written to a flash drive and used on any PC without prior installation.

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The trial version of the software is distributed free of charge, but it will not allow you to save the restored one. A full-fledged software is quite expensive – about 3,000 rubles.

Now you know how to recover deleted files using special software. As a result, we can say that the most convenient, functional and effective is PHOENIX. A completely Russian interface, a well-thought-out clear menu, the ability to restore any files from any media – all this makes the program a real godsend. With this in your arsenal, you will be protected